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The 1 thing I love about Google, is that no matter how obscure you think your “unique” problem is, there’s a BUCKET of people who have had it before 😉

I use a local test server to code called WAMP.

I had some code working perfectly using PHP file_get_contents to suck in a web page and do stuff to it.

ONE DAY, it just suddenly stopped working – no reason I knew of – with a cryptic error (as always in coding)

something like; “can’t get contents, did you enable S when you compiled PHP”.

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: Unable to find the wrapper “https” – did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?

So naturally I go down several rabbit holes until I finally uncover this answer; Read the rest of this entry »

A dirty little API – Metro to Xero

I could tell by the clients tone, this just wan’t want a technical issue. The kind where all logical reason flys out the window, because reality isn’t doing what it says on the tin.

The sort of issue that could bring a business to its knees.

“We can’t do our reconciliation, we can’t automate our banking, so we can’t do our accounts, so we can’t operate, so we can’t sell”

As far fetched as that might sound (or not) that’s what was in the clients head. Read the rest of this entry »

Surviving the web?

Surviving the web seems to get harder every day.

Faster hosting with CDN

Demands for higher security as hackers grow like the festering puss filled parasite they are.
Demands for mobile users, demands for video viewers, demands for greater speed.

Well at least on the last one, there is an answer. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Full Stack Marketing?

full stack marketing how i tfeelsToday I realised I was old 😉 I’m not a millennial (born 1980~2000)

Millennials are supposed to form 49% of the work force soon, from about 25% now. So I found out that one of the fads of this group is something called “FULL STACK MARKETING”

Honestly I’d never heard of it, so I had to do some digging 😉

Apparently a Full Stack Developer is someone who can do BOTH front end and back end. In other words a programmer who can do UIx.
I’ve always done that, but never knew I had a title. So YAY I am a full stack developer.

So what about Full Stack Marketing? Read the rest of this entry »

LiveStreaming – time to do or die

Mark Joyner (author of Irresistible Offer) is just about to start Live Streaming. Another signal that live streaming is about to go tide out and become main stream. So your and my chances of becoming bright lights in this space, are about to end. The early adopters are about to hit retirement!

live streaming do or dieSo I reckon we have 7 days to do or die.
Here’s a possible 7 day plan for live streaming for you;

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 1 – audience mission:

Write down your show mission statement – what will the AUDIENCE achieve !
Write down 5 bullet point achievements involved in that mission statement.
Write down 3 sub bullets for each of the 5 main bullet achievements above.
Get as far as you can.
You can only spend 1 day on this and it’s over. Just get as far as you can. You don’t need 15 bullets to start, but if you can’t do 15 bullets, what are you?

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 2 – Create your HQ:

Create your HQ site and make sure it is a CENTRAL place for all of your news and press and make sure there is a JOIN MY LIST mechanism where the users will get all your show notifications, one extra advantage and your micro email course daily, which will SUPPLEMENT your live streams, with additional stuff that won’t even be on the live streams.  The live stream is the front line, but the real war is fought and won in the trenches with these emails, your HQ and factor X (coming).

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 3 – starting your presence:

Find out who the leaders or influencers are in your space and help them, participate and create a dialogue, so that they and their audience know you exist and have at least 1 great thing to say/offer.

Read the rest of this entry »

the EU and Britain?

Whatever happens, VOTE TODAY ! Whichever way you roll, VOTE TODAY because it is looking like a CLOSE race.

Don’t let your own apathy or confusion, let the loonies win.

VOTE! for whatever you believe in…

golden-gate-bridge-1030999_640We’ve been lied to on both sides!
It’s ALL about “personal power”.
There is no clear cut, black and white option. Europe is far from perfect. The UK being alone is not perfect either.

The bureaucrats in Brussels have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
The UK government (all parties) have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
It seems like an impossible NO WIN situation. And “I” think it is. But that’s even more why you should VOTE..

The facts are distorted. I’m not sure who to believe.
But the Liverpool PHD Professor who’s “JOB” for the last 4 years has been EU Law, “may” be telling the truth.

My takeaway of his talk; Read the rest of this entry »


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