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Archive for April, 2007

Pollyanna – The Glad Game & NLP

Here I am thinking about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Progamming) and somehow I end up on a page about Pollyanna’s Glad Game! Oh the power of the web…

I discovered that as well as the 1913 book by Eleanor Hodgman Porter, it was also a board game from Parker Brothers released in 1915. What I find sad is that they discontinued it in the 1960’s.
I appreciate it may not have been a good seller, but it still seems a sad reflection that it was canned.

In the story Pollyanna tries to Read the rest of this entry »

Free Downloads and demo versions – ReadMe

Please register on this blog for FREE access to the downloads and demo versions mentioned in the articles. We operate a strict anti-spam policy and promise not to share your details.

Registration is only so that we can regulate bandwidth for genuinely interested people and not just sponges. We also need to know who you are so we can notify you of updates (which may involve security fixes) and obviously every 3 months or so, we’d like to tell you about other things we’ve done that you may have missed, that we think will interest you.

You’ll get access to enhanced articles and tutorials that I don’t want to share with just anyone.

We hope you understand !

Many thanks.

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Composers Inspiration

I guess it’s not surprising that a lot of music is composed from bad experiences. Very few songs are happy. I can’t even think of a handful. Like the newspapers, most songs are bad news; my babies left me, my cats dead, I hate you mofo, and other “charming” themes.

Even the more benile songs (I want to dance, I can dance, I am dancing, hey Mr DJ, oi this is a song this is) are more aggression release (dancing) than good news.

I’m certainly more prolific when I am depressed, or my life is going down the plug hole. So I should be able to write a song twice a day then !

Of course life gets in the way and “work” and “relationships” demand more on your time and the opportunities to compose, diminish.

So as a potential artist, it’s doubly frustrating to have the time and opportunity to write, and not taking it! Being too tired or either apathetic or uninspired being the 2 biggest issues.

I haven’t learnt to manage those 2 yet!.

I feel that apathy can be overcome by Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to Buick Blog….

Welcome to Peter Buick .com.

Being a bit of a web entrepreneur, I have several presences on the Internet. But this is my personal blog.

What’s the difference?

This is about me as a person; My feelings, fears and hopes (for the world, not my business) and for things which are personally important to me – like my personal breed of music (distinct from my commercial music).

It could also be the home for any free stuff, that I release under the GPL or Creative Commons License.

I will also probably mention what I’m up to in the business world, but that has it’s own category, so you can ignore/filter it.