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Archive for July, 2007

Abraham – the secret behind the secret

Last night I watched DVD 1 of Abraham – the secret behind the secret. It had a PROFOUND effect on me. I was in tears for some of it!

I’m looking forward to watching DVD 2.

It’s very easy to be sceptical. I am an atheist. I do NOT believe in a God/s. But I have always believed in nature, in the power of people to know right from wrong (even if they don’t act on it), and one of the happiest times in my life was when I almost became a Reiki Master (level 3).

It’s difficult to explain what “philosophies” like Mother Nature (ecology), Reiki and Abraham are, to someone who hasn’t already experienced it. But AFAIC they are not “religious”. There is no master boss/es controlling you, or wiling you to act in a particular way.

There are of course some elements in religion which are Read the rest of this entry »

East West film score competition

They say you have to play to win and that the only failure is someone who doesn’t try. I hope they are correct…

Well I threw caution to the wind and entered the East West / SoundsOnline May/June film score competition. Problem was I only found out about it on June 27th!

Between work and life commitments that meant I only had 4 hours to compose a film synced original composition.

Another limitation was you were only allowed to use sounds from East West themselves (quite reasonable), and preferably the Quantum Leap series. Nor could we add live external sounds like guitar, which was a shame, as some guitar stuff would have fitted this movie pretty well.

I’ve bought sounds from Sound-OnLine for sure, but not QL. So I was posed with the problem of finding a 2GB demo bank I remembered they provided free, back in 2006. RaidSearch (my own file search program) came to the rescue and I found it.

Turned out the demo bank only contained 8 sounds. Yes 8! Two of those were guitars that didn’t inspire me, so the remainder basically shaped what I could and couldn’t do.

If there had been time, I’d have time and tempo mapped out the film animation, noted the hit points and worked out a motif (riff) and spent a few days working stuff out and piecing it together. But of course I only had 4 hours available in my schedule.

I had to throw away the guide book, the rule book and the intro on the back of the packet, and basically play it in live while watching the movie. Unwisely I wasn’t taking notes of what I was playing (not that I read music anyway) so as usual several competing ideas ended up on the table. Even more unwisely, I didn’t take any of them out 😉

There’s one section where Read the rest of this entry »