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Archive for August, 2007

Charity begins at… the heart

When the idea for a charity event came up at the thirty day challenge, I had mixed reactions. How charitable could a bunch of SEO PR gurus be?

Well quite a lot apparently!

The legend in his own Australian lunch time, Ed Dale, is donating his lucky Read the rest of this entry »

Atomic Blogger

Atomic Blogger is a 61 page ebook purporting to offer “unique” web 2.0 strategies.

Lets’ see….

Buy Atomic Blogger

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

What can I say guys?

“I didn’t get where I am today”

Thanks for putting me here!

Nearly Famous TShirt - NOT availble in long or short sleeves

As Cliff Richard once said, I’m nearly famous 😉

But seriously, it’s great to know I’m on the Alexa radar of web life (just – LOL)

5000 web 2 sites visually

Prepare to get dizzy as you see 5000 sites which have adopted web 2 thinking…

(Epilepsy warning!!)

Click MORE to see the video… Read the rest of this entry »

Standalone Socio URL maker.

I need to know if it’s useful before we go to stage 2, but if it is, you can also have a Standalone Desktop Application of it, which you can just use locally.

LMK if you want the standalone version and whether you want Mac or PC.

You’ll need to register with this blog to see the downloads. This is just so I can inform you of critcial updates and so on.


Socio URL Maker

WordPress hosted blogs don’t seem to support JavaScript (i.e. Google Analytics), or extra plug-ins like Sociable, so I made this PURE HTML socio URL maker which you can use as a stand http url link in your article posts.

Working example
Click to Socio Bookmark

The idea is you’d Read the rest of this entry »