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Archive for September, 2007

Simplicity – John Maeda – 10 laws, 3 keys, 1 life

It’s a real cliche to say that something is life changing, but what do you say when something changes your life?
John Maeda MIT (graphic designer and computer scientist) produced this talk on simplicity at TED in March 2007.
As well as highly entertaining, the underlying analysis of life, design and life is quite astounding. I won’t spoil the punchline with my take on it. But I really hope you like it…
Click to see the video.

John Maeda (MIT) SIMPLICITY Read the rest of this entry »

Do you want to think in new ways and directions?

I don’t know about you, but I have a real need for “input” sometimes. It’s not about being a couch potato, but it’s about being stimulated to thinking in new ways and new directions.

Would you like to think in new ways and in new directions?

And no I’m not selling anything here. It’s just a cool website done by somebody else, whom I sadly don’t even know.

Have a peek at the Ted – Ideas worth spreading site now.

TED ideas worth spreading web snapshot

I must say I feel an immediate empathy with this site. A sudden responsibility to have something “worthy” of an “idea worth spreading.

What an incredible site remit! The ultimate in enabling life legacy and 15 minutes of fame. What is important enough to leave behind?

I’m going to be pondering on this one for a while!

Here is my own embryonic TED profile.
Please comment with your own TED profile URL.

VodaSucks – an appeal to Vodafone…

This is a copy of the blog article on

Dear Luca & Vodafone UK.

reference your debate on

We represent several publishing houses and we are greatly concerned by Vodafone removing support, for what is, for all intensive purposes, an industry standard, namely UA http headers.

I can see no advantage to Read the rest of this entry »

Funny Video – Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Apple iPhone

Couldn’t help laughing out loud at this product video created by Jason Scivner and written by Scott Kelby & Co. .

What’s so great is the true to detail use of the Apple iPhone GUI interface ad the interface of Adobe Phtooshop CS3. The little flick off screen of the menu is great. As is the zoom and unusable super zoom (just like the desktop Photoshop version)

Adobe Photoshop for iPhone (NOT) video

And just before you go off to order this great product for your Apple iPhone, sadly it is not real! Yeah I know! It’s hard to not believe!

Next they’ll be claiming something ridiculous like you can run iTunes on an iPhone! Geeze ey! That’s just a ridiculous thing to suggest…

So who is John Loiacono anyway? Please comment and LMK.

CRM vs eMail – the need for audience contact

I’m ashamed to admit, that like most SME’s I don’t keep in touch with my client base, as much as I should. OK so that’s a massive understatement, but…

Many of us (OK me) think that because we can web site publish, Blog publish, use direct email, that we are doing “enough”.

We may even publish via a slightly more interactive (sic – read “need to click” to turn page) Semantic Web 2.0 medium, like MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. that we are doing even more than “enough”.

But an artist is nothing without an audience!

Sure you may talk to your top clients regularly, in response to their customer support issues. Sure you may even respond to potential new customers and answer pre-sales queries in less than a year (sorry 24 hours).

You may even send out an occasional email to your address book, saying “hey go look at my website update”. Or if you have gone ALL THE WAY, you may even already use an email service like Aweber, to send them your entire web page.


For now, let’s just say I am checking out this –>

Aweber style bulk email autoresponder services

Would you steal a pooped filled helmet?

Would you steal a pooped filled helmet?

Let’s find out… Read the rest of this entry »