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Archive for October, 2007

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Bertrum Panda RIP

On the 24th of October 2007, my 2 day old Virtual Pet Panda (Facebook Fluff friend) DIED in a database crash.

In the short time I had him, I let him down badly 🙁 Read the rest of this entry »

The Facebook dichotomy

The Facebook dichotomy

It’s strange! Jason Moffat moans about the plethora of “mindless” Facebook applications (like virtual beer) being developed (over 1800) yet the metrics state that the more mindless apps are the ones what are the stickiest and achieve traction.

But the Facebook paying advertisers want Read the rest of this entry »

Emotional talent show

It’s not often that a reality TV show is “genuinely” emotional, but this performance from Paul and even the judge demonstrates that there’s still art in artist and emotion in art.

Click to watch video. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook FUN starts here!

It’s official. My first Facebook application is now public!

Initial reactions are “ROFL”

Facebook Application – Viral Toys Bum Bite!

Facebook app Viral Toys Bum Bite

Jason Moffat loves Facebook…, in response to my comment on Jason Moffat’s blog, where he dismissed Facebook, like a grumpy old ma, I’ve had several requests for the spoof applications I mentioned, to highlight the lack of concept of virality, that most Facebook developers seem to have.

Facebook Application �virtual hand jobs�:

You can either give your friends a free one, or pay $1 for the deluxe version, which uses your virtual left hand (which apparently feels like someone else then).

We hope to bring out a left handed user version, once the venture capital deal is secured.

I�m planning a follow up, virtual after sex cigarette.

Do you think it will go viral?

Oh dear, a viral sex app :-(

Facebook Application “Bite Your Mate on their Virtual Ass.”

This is coming very soon, as we think Facebook might not ban it. They didn’t like the images we used on the first one 😉

If you want to get these Facebook Applications on your Facebook account, let us know ASAP. You can even comment (if it isn’t spam).