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Archive for November, 2007

From 1 Facker to another…

The official launch of the Business Friends Network should be on Monday 3rd December 2007.

It’s a FREE community within Facebook where business owners and self employed entrepreneurs can get together and Share, Advise and Help each other.

It’s supplemented with exclusive content from the Better Business University too.

Part of the closed area is dedicated to monetising Facebook and how to use Facebook sensibly as part of your business presence.

On Monday 3rd December we’ll be starting to reveal several things:

  • The ins and outs of Facebook Pages
  • The way to handle Facebook PPC adverts
  • Some of the things you need to know to avoid being banned
  • How to test your markets on Facebook for FREE
  • What you should really be doing with your business in Facebook

You need to join this page as a FAN in order to get access to the closed forum and the newsletter materials.

Hope to see you there.

That URL again:

A bunch of FACKERS

I’ve coined a new phrase for the Facebook community today (myself included of course) FACKERS.

Naturally FAC as in FACE and the CKERS as in hackers, or any other “ckers” word you like 😉

It’s slightly toungue in cheek, partly from having 2 of my conversation Facebook PPC ads banned and partly because saying Facebook community takes too much effort.

So I will know affectionately call Facebook members FACKERS.

Obviously Mark is CHIEF FACKERS 😉

I’m a FACKER too, so no offense intended.

“I’m wearing the T Shirt and living the dream too!”

From 1 Facker to another…

Knightrider on LSD

OK so they seem to be in totally different keys (out of tune) but try listening to this a few times!

David Hasslehoff (KnightRider, BayWatch) , smiling but apparently with a slight cold and a very different foldback monitor feed to the band 😉 does a rendition of a classic song to an unusual sounding backing.

The visuals are equally disturbing.

However, all that said, listen to it a few times and then tell me if you are actually going to trash it or not?

Click to see the video, but watch it at least 3 times over a few days and see… Read the rest of this entry »

Camtasia 3 FREE for a limited time

In case you don’t know, Techsmith Camtasia is one of the most popular screen grabbing, tutorial movie making, screen casting, tutorial podcast makers in use. Mainly because it is very easy to use and works pretty well.

You can get Camtasisa 3 for FREE for a very short time. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook – the business case – for business owners.

Facebook – the business case – for business owners.

There are 13 reasons why you should use Facebook.
There are are also 12 pitfalls and reasons why you should not!

But the excitement, PR and hype for Facebook is huge, so are you going to miss out if Read the rest of this entry »

9 reasons why you MUST sell your successful business!

9 reasons why you MUST sell your successful business!

It’s rule 101 of Internet Marketing (actually it’s rule 103, but who’s counting) that your Internet business should always be treated with a view to sell it!

This makes extreme sense for several reasons; Read the rest of this entry »