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Archive for January, 2008

Announcing the opt-in squeeze page maker (free)



This was back in Jan 2008

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Do what you love, love what you do – a much neglected Internet Marketing concept

I think I see the underlying trend here.

“Do what you love, love what you do”

People who try to Read the rest of this entry »

Meet Joe the chicken suitcase salesman…

Just wrote a new article for the (free) Business Friends Network on Facebook.

Meet Joe the gardener, who argues with his wife over suitcase chicken and the blue chip corporate CEO who strangely spends money on departmentalising buns. Now why is that do you think?

You can also buy the article in a print-ready version in the NicheDragon wholesale IM shop.

The success roadmap ruequires a business tactic to reach you rgoal

Announcing Web 3.8

It’s been a difficult week for mere mortals!

The Stomper girls have rallied up their golf club chums to affiliate promote their web 2.0 course to death. One affiliate even tried to sucker me in by offering me a job IF I had taken the course. Of course that is the exact same offer he made his other 1.28 million spam list, so I have a 1 in 1.28 million chance of working mainly for free. Erm whoopee! (I can do that now, without your blessing, so no thanks)

Certainly the budget Hollywood video production (complete with bad audio edits that an 8 year old could do better) was certainly erm. erm. “interesting” and “entertaining“.
(You do know Hollywood films are mainly fiction, right?)

The course may well be “ok”. And if you need a video to show you how to use StumbleUpon then maybe it is for you. But for $15 bucks there’s a video on that at Hell I may even make that “FREE” now!

But there’s a fundamental problem with delivering a course on the strength that it will benefit your business or make you money. It has to be true!

Certainly web 2 is highly significant “at this moment” as part of your web presence. And it’s even fair to say that “something like” web 2.0, will continue to be part of that business cycle in the forseeable future.

The only problem is that Read the rest of this entry »

Standards of IM solution developers called John.

I’m not sure how I am supposed to avoid sounding like a moaning mini or panic munger, but when something is WRONG, something IS wrong, right?

Now don’t get me wrong. We ALL make mistake and with Internet security there is always some bored mafia kid who wants to break what we work for incredibly long hours to create.

So my issue is not that a mistake was made, but that no remedy has been taken to fix it. AFAIK anyway. And not telling me seems equally bad if it has.

I bought a software product from a renowned Internet marketing development company.

It basically worked, which is always a great start, but then I noticed something. The configuration file, which housed all the database connections including the database password, was PLAIN TEXT.

You don’t have to be technical to know that a plain text file can be read by anybody.

So all someone needed to do was type in Read the rest of this entry »

Fran Tarkenton NFL Quarterback

Fran Tarkenton NFL Quarterback:

Fran Tarkenton is an NFL Quarterback with a place in the NFL Hall of Fame

Picture Fran Tarkenton NFL Quarterback
Here is a small video tribute site to some of his incredible achievementsā€¦

Of course, Fran has one of the hardest last names in the world to remember to spell…
With many NFL fans also calling him Tarkington, thus occupying Google search positions 1 and 8 simultaneously. I guess just “Fran the Tank” was too much to ask for šŸ˜‰