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Archive for February, 2008

The Internet is not the place for snuff movies!

Torture is not coolI do not want to give this movie from Universal Motion Pictures any sort of back handed viral promotion. I’d like it banned, not its’ viewing figures or hype increased. It deserves to go underground and stay there (ideally as a free bit torrent the film company make ZERO money out of) because Read the rest of this entry »

Auction Cow solution

It was a Tuesday:

I recently bought the MRR resale rights to Auction Cow, the Ebay clone (with Adsense) to provide fresh content to your site through the continually refreshed RSS Ebay auction feed, as well as the Ebay affiliate commission (paid through Commission Junction).

The good thing about the script is Read the rest of this entry »

Heidi Klum and Gary Sinise look like me!

Between buying a new high resolution webcam, starting to accept the fact that I am almost bald (now I can see the top and back of my head – damn webcams) and finding this great face recognition tool on I have discovered that Heidi Klum looks 51% like me! Bad news is I am allegedly a bloke and she definitely isn’t. I am expecting the call from Vogue anytime now…

Gary Sinise (CSI New York) looks 54% like me. Better news is that Gary Sinise (CSI NY Matt Taylor) looks 54% like me… Pass me the rubber gloves please probey…

I think I will only be releasing the photos to “members” of my blog and Vanity Fair readers of course – lol

An incredible piece of software with photographic pixel matching and done in Macromedia Flash! GOLLY! That’s one plug-in for Flash I’d really like to buy…

OH so you wanted the picture of Heidi Klum, oh ok then…

Heidi Klume naked body paint full frontal face shot

Dawn Kinnard – it’s all in your head

Lucky Bench! Dawn Kinnard Al In Your Head music videos

Another singer songwriter seems to be rising from the web 2.0 ashes.

Hard not to compare her to Tori Amos and Avril Lavigne, but definitely with her own style and sound.

The video “All In Your Head” sums up how I feel today, but you’ll probably enjoy her other songs more yourself, unless it is all in your head today too 😉

You can listen to and watch some of Dawn Kinnard’s music and video songs here…

9 out of 10 lizards still would

Now I actually think Hilary Clinton would make a great president (just keep the cigar box away from her) and I do not like the way this video justifies David ??? madness that we are being controlled by Read the rest of this entry »

What do you get when you lock a gaggle of Internet Marketeers in the golf club bar – video alchemy

What do you get when you lock a gaggle of Internet Marketeers in the golf club bar?

WARNING: Now this is what happens when people jump on a “band wagon”.

AYPK video is supposed to be the next gold rush and any SEO guru worth his java beans is Read the rest of this entry »