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Archive for March, 2008

Good journeys Oliver Nichols

I just heard that Oliver Nichols died yesterday.

He was only in his late thirties and died just minutes from his home in Tonbridge Wells.

He was walking down a country lane and was Read the rest of this entry »

I’m recruiting

I’m recruiting
Read the rest of this entry »

Social Bookmarking automation

It is NOT a good idea to automate social bookmarking, because it is way too easy to be seen as a spammer and have your reputation blown and even your accounts deleted.

Some of the more comprehensive software tries to disguise any fingerprints by scheduling the posts and randomising them, and even spinning the content so it seems unique.

But the reallity is it never really works out and for your KEY accounts, you should do it manully and honestly and build up a real reputation and what I like to call a reviewers quality score.

Of cours ethere ar eliterally 1000’s of social bookmarking sites and soem will argue there is some benefit of having backlinks. Thoug at this level, it probably really doe sliterally need 1000 to make any real impact.

So, not for your key accounts.

But if you want to play with the fringe, en mass, then automation, or outsourcing it out (preferred), is the way to go, unless you want even less of a life than you have now.

I came across an interesting piece of software from edissoft called Bookmarking Demon and currently it is $97. As well as teh bookmarking it has an auto account generation function, which includes soem random ID making. They admit it only has a 50% or less success rate of creating accounts currently, but that is 50% more than zero.

Ihaven;t tried it myself yet, but ias well as account genertaion with spinning, it also supports proxy (IP masking) so it seems well thought out and looks simple to use.

If you buy it, LMK how it works out for you.

Get Real Slide 1

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars to try to make it?

Do you want to know the real secrets behind the secret of launch formula?

Doors open July 4th. We picked “independence day” for a reason!

Do you have what it takes?
If you think you can lie in bed all day and make millions, then carry on. This is not for you.
If you think there is a magic formula and a template where you can fill in the blanks, keep writing those $1000 buck cheques, but not to me. I do not want your money.

Are you prepared to really do what it takes to create a successful long term business? Want to find out?

WARNING I have no guru to warm my feet

Yep launch control worked really well!

I am now on NO gurus list… Not a single 1.

I said I would unsubscribe from every single scum affiliate who promoted Jeff Walkers PLF2, and they ALL did. True to form guys – ROFL. You really have this IM thing pinned don’t you. Hell slap each other on the back on the goof course guys, you are SO f*ck*ng cool, NOT.

WHY did I unsubscribe from every penny grabbing guru?

Launch control is about Read the rest of this entry »

The answer to how many Jeff Walker’s does it take to change a lightbulb

The short answer of course is Jeff Walker doesn’t change his own light bulbs!

But the answer you were waiting for is;

None. But a queue of people would be lining up to change it for him 😉

BTW if you aren’t lucky or rich enough to get a seat on Jeff Walkers PLF2 Launch Course, then I’d really value hearing from you, on my Get Real list.

I think I have some interesting (dirt cheap) solutions for you, but I need to know what you really need. Some feedback has come in already, but it is inconclusive.

Why not join in?