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Archive for August, 2008

Mind visualisations and affirmations

Mind visualisations and video affirmations:

Frank Kern recently introduced Ryan, an Australian in to mind visualisation. Ryan has generously releases 6 visualisation videos for people to download free.

Whether you believe in the concept of The Secret and the Law Of Attraction or not, there’s little don; that a positive mental attitude helps. Just being positive can make you happier.

Now this concept becomes even more interesting if you watch Read the rest of this entry »

The secret to pay per click success

“Never give up” was allegedly what Frank Kern’s grand father taught him.

And there seems to be something phenomenal about that…

You see I’ve never “got” Adsense. It always seems to end up costing way too much and producing way too little traffic.

So it was disappointing, to say the least, that I got Read the rest of this entry »

Google Goggles Review Part 3 – What’s in a name?


Google Goggles Review Part 3 – What’s in a name?

Position 25 for Google Goggles in organic search

What’s in a name may seem a strange start, but it is a major part of the scenario here.

Google Goggles happens to be the name of a fairly high profile GAME involving Google Maps and some sort of flght simulator AFAIK, dating back quite a while. So when you do an organic search, guess what comes up mixed in the results?

“Goggles” is , strangely, quite a non SEO search term. so when you try to use any tools, even Hexatracks own Keyword suggestion tool, guess what you get? Yep spectacles and ski’ing sports wear.

Why do I mention this? Simply because my Google Goggle led Adsense campaign is BOMBING. And that isn’t quite what is supposed to happen, is it?

The reasons are fairly simple. Read the rest of this entry »

Google Goggles review part 2.

Review Score Panel:

Under review: Google Goggles

Publisher: Hexatrack

Price: $97 one-time, plus $14 per month (including a Hexatrack subscription)

Score: 6 out of 10

Read the full review now… Read the rest of this entry »

Google Goggles from Hexatrack Review

What does a dancing bear have to do with a slapping Google?



OK well I don’t think any one can touch the guys for their bear disco dancing 😉 but what about the Google Goggles software. The software that claims it can prevent Google Slap on your PPC AdWords campaigns, increase your quality score and hence lower your PPC rates and maybe even abolish the Google stupid tax on your AdWords PPC campaigns

Buy Google Goggles the anti Google Slap, Stupid tax and Poor Quality Score suggestion software tool

It’s only $97 one-time PLUS $13.95 per month, BUT this includes a Hexatrack (keywords and AdWords spy) account.

So what is Google Goggles and quality score all about?

Strangely it is about helping the Google search engine to provide the best results for the searcher. Which in the case of Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), also extends to the side adverts.

So why is quality score important?

Well in an ideal world every web page would be fantastic and relevent and Gogoles job of finding the best content would be easy.
But the Internet is a mish mash of Read the rest of this entry »

My Video Marketing Channel

I surprise myself with this presentation of “The Missing 4th Stepmaking sense of Frank Kerns Back To Selling Basics video

Read the rest of this entry »