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Archive for October, 2008

Frank Kern Getting It LIVE 2008

This is an offer for 99 Frank Kern Mass Control Monthly members!

As Mass Control Monthly members will know, the Frank Kern October 2008 DVD newsletter was about the “Brain Cleanse”. Kern’s offering for achieving “focus” and hence “success”.

Cleanse your mind with BCW from BuickAI

Cleanse your mind with BCW from BuickAI

As usual from Frank, it was nothing new, as chunking and sub lists has been around since, Noah and the Ark (how do you think he managed to remember 2 of every animal?).

Even so it is a good technique and one that was already scheduled for the FREE event “Getting It LIVE 2008” on the 14th November (now only 397 places left as I type).

But we don’t all live in a house big enough for a floor to ceiling white board like Frank Kern and John Reece. And if your life is anything like mine, your white board wouldn’t be static, and you wouldn’t want to be writing it down, scrubbing it off, and putting it back up again. Hey this is the 21st century anyway… Maybe not in LA, but it is here 😉

You probably know, but all 500 attendees of Getting It LIVE 2008 who attend “live” (not on any replays if there even are any) get a GIFT for attending.

There were seven choices, probably too many, but I don’t know what you guys are in to yet until you complete the pre-event survey.

But now there are EIGHT choices!

Choice 8 is going to be of particular interest to Read the rest of this entry »

Getting It – LIVE 14th November 12 EST

Getting It – LIVE Friday 14th November 12 EST

In an unprecedented LIVE event, Peter Buick will speak at the “Getting It” Webinar, to be held LIVE on the 14th November 2008.

This $10,000 dollar value event will be FREE to 500 selected people.

The time of the webinar will be 12.00 noon EST (New York time), which is (0900 LA) (1700 BST) (4PM GMT/UTC)

This is the first time that Mr Buick has given a public Q&A session of the “Getting It” concept.

Attendants will need Read the rest of this entry »

Good News Great News part 2

OK well Clayton (not the redhead) Makepeace’s presentation may not have been the GOOD NEWS vibe I was expecting. I mean he implied he was going to tell us why he was still doing well, and not how to take advantage of a bad situation (my para-phrasing).None the less, there was some good points in what he said.

But even he is missing the real point, about how to Read the rest of this entry »

Googles profits soar

Despite the climate, Google are still making money. More money than usual in fact.

This might also be because on-line advertising is seen as Read the rest of this entry »

Great News Good News

I’m very happy to say there is an under current of good times being promoted by several Internet players, such as Clayton (not the red head) MakePeace, Jonathan Leger and a few others.

Not just “recession beating” but more “what recession?” info.

And certianly, for the LOA (Law Of Attraction), law of Abundance and kharma to work, such a viewpoint MUST be deployed.

And here’s why and my own good news and inspiration for you …..

more to come in just a second…

Strange sources of sanity

Strange sources of sanity indeed.

Ever since the Frank Kern Mind Meld where he said to be truly successful you have do what you want to do (holy crap) I’ve been searching for some sanity in the real world, which, well basically, seldom, if rarely, ever lets you do what you want to do. Read the rest of this entry »