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Archive for November, 2008

Getting It Live 2008 – Post Event THANK YOU

I’d just like to thank all of the attendees of Getting It LIVE 2008 for making it such a momentus event.

From the feedback I have received thus far, I am honoured to have brought some value to your journey.

It exceeded my own expectations.

THANK YOU It would have meant nothing with out YOU!

Google notices Getting It LIVE 2008

Super cool1

Google have noticed “Getting It LIVE 2008” in their organic search results.

Currently at search position number 3 & 4.

Even Google have heard about GIL 2008

Even Google have heard about GIL 2008

You can reserve a place at the event page Getting It LIVE 2008

Getting It LIVE 2008 – The Video Preview

Some great feedback on the Getting IT Live 2008 preview video

“TERRIFIC” Dianne, a Virtal Assistant company owner from France.

“I was captivated. I’m definitely coming” David a freelance Data Communicatons Consultant from Kent

“I watched it several times and I’m going to watch it again” Mia a Doctor from the USA.

You can watch it yourself at Getting It LIVE 2008.

And the illustrious Frank Kern via Twitter;

“Im sure it will be a winner. Best of luck” Frank Kern of Mass Control (some secluded beach somewhere)

Frank Kerns reaction to Getting It LIVE 2008

Frank Kerns reaction to Getting It LIVE 2008

Even Frank Kern of Mass Control knows about “Getting It LIVE 2000”.

BTW Mass Control Monthly members should also check out the attendee gift option of BRAIN CLEANSE WHITEBOARD, a concept popularised by Frank Kern.

You can watch it yourself at Getting It LIVE 2008 The Preview Video.

Video Marketing: Getting It LIVE 2008 The Preview Video

Very exciting. 6am and just uploading the Getting It LIVE 2008 Trailer Video up to YouTube.

In a few days it will have processed – LOL.

It’s been an exciting and uphill struggle making this video trailer. I’ll be doing the next video differently for sure 😉

Firstly there was probably too much content, but I wanted people to get a proper taste, and some value, in watching the trialer video.

I think my main error was in not taking more time out before hand to storyboard it out.

For the voiceover script, I certainly bullet pointed it, then fleshed out the script. But what I forgot about was the visuals to accompany them. If it had just been a webcam “face and speak” video, it would have taken 3 hours. But because it is all carefully prepared psycological graphics, it took absolute ages.

Also the music track took me an extra 6 hours to compose and produce, which wasn;t on my original to do list – LOL. BUt it was fun, so there we go!

Anyway we’ll see what the world thinks of this later on…