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Archive for December, 2008

What does your Apple Mac or iPhone want for 2009?

For 2009 we’ve spread our development wings and can now provide Apple Macintosh comoputer (and potentially iPhone) development.

So tell us what you would most like for your Apple Computer for 2009

As a reward we will give you a 20% coupon off of everything else we do (including any continuity) and 60% off of your desire if we produce it.

It can be in any market;

  • business
  • SEO
  • Internet Research
  • internet marketing
  • video production
  • sound manipluation
  • music composition
  • music entertainment
  • holistic health
  • cooking
  • needle point
  • any hobby
  • any lifestyle sceanario
  • any educational need
  • sausage making
  • any thing at all…

A Merry Thrusday – The Buick Speech

The 12 milestones of Christmas.

Merry Thursday!

Being British it annoys me that I can’t say Merry Christmas and be PC, but there are many people for whom Thursday has no relevance. I am even an atheist, and yet I have no problem with people celebrating Christmas. It’s great that they can celebrate anything. Kiboshing celebrations is the work of the devil! (If only I believed in him.)

New Years Eve, that seems to be something more pagan, more of a landmark event. The start of a new year. But I guess even that only became important, after the “calendar” was invented.

Did cavemen know about the cycle of months and years? Or did they just know when the cold season was coming, because it was erm. cold? As the seasons drift, in these decades, their system may be somewhat more appropriate and reliable. It snows when it snows (now usually February or march in the UK) and doesn’t mean it is Christmas or December.

Christmas has become incredibly commercialised and obese. Marketeers must think the Read the rest of this entry »

Adding some Chaos

The only trouble with developing an audio product, is it can easily become too much fun, playing with it!

Especially with a virtual synth like the Chaos Wave Synth, which is all about “meddling” with sound and music composition.

I’m pretty sure the Korg Kaoscillator doesn’t do what you can hear in the audio demo example snatches I’ve put up on the Chaos Wave Synth sounds demo page.

I don’t think it even has a “Grunge Muncher”? But maybe I am wrong 😉

Announcing the Chaos Wave Synth

It’s almost here!

The Chaos Wvae Synth - boxed version

The Chaos Wvae Synth - boxed version

The Chaos Wave Synth (inspired by the Korg Kaoscillator but) a synth in its own dimension,

Check out the MP3 demo of a 1 Finger jam put through the filter sequencer.

I think you’ll agree it is pretty “chewy”!

There’s also a provisional screen shot of the Chaos Wave synth interface.

If you want to hear a longer demo, then you need to join the Chaos Synth club, as at least a free member, to get the free zipped mp3 download.

Christmas gift ideas the Korg Kaoscillator

As seen on TV, well ok, the Channel 5 Gadget Show, with Suzi Perry, the Korg Kaoscillator got the audience vote for cool msuical gift of th eyear.

Sadly, Korg don’t have any (possibly till March 2009) so many Kaos’ers are going to be dissapointed this Christmas.

But it’s not MY fault 😉

So what could still make you (or your beloved Kaos’er) still smile this Christmas?

Well the chances are that they/you have a (Windows) PC, or a laptop. If not they are dead cheap now (under £200 new for some specifications).

OK so this is NOT hardware.

In fact it is NOT even an emualtion or model of the Korg Kaoscillator.

What it is, is “INSPIRED” by the Kaos, and I call it CHAOS WAVE SYNTH.

You can get the latest low down at CHAOS WAVE  SYNTH .com

There is a PRO version coming.

Even if you DO have a Korg Kaosocillator, you will want to get a CHAOS WAVE SYNTH as well! It does stuff your Kaos can only dream of.

Is MSN search traffic worth having?

In what 2 guys call the MSN loophole, they claim they have a legitimate (not even grey hat) method of giving MSN what it wants, so they give you traffic back.

Costing a one time $67 can this produtct be worth having?

Let’s find out!

I’ll be reporting back shortly… They claim it wil produce resulst within 2~60 days.

If you can’t wait yourself, you can buy your own MSN Loophole today for just $67 one time.

They say with a simpel one page website and a thing called a “linkbaitor” even dificult competitive keyword terms can be yours. ANd the secret blueprint is contiane dwithin a simple 24 page PDFblueprint manual.