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Archive for January, 2009

What is the next big thing for 2009?

The Next Big Thing

So it’s natural for there to be a focus on a handful of things. particularly in technology and lifestyle circles.
Things that every one is talking about and something that everyone either wants to own soon, or does own already and “uses”.
Of course there are also a million and one flash in the pan, use once and shelve ideas too.

There are countless things which are just status symbols, like designer labels, but then there are the handful of indispensable, products and ideas.
These market leaders are also often usually either business or consumer. They seldom cross over to both camps. That is, until now. Until the next big thing.

But there’s often a problem with new stuff, that is revolutionary and not evolutionary. One business maxim says that for something to succeed it needs to exceed the existing solution by a factor of two, in any (or all) of the key areas.

  • Price
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Ease of Use

So what could the next big thing be?

And why will it be big?

(the clue is it solves a burning need that people will pay to solve)

Stay tuned and have your purses and wallets ready…

Why do some succeed and some fail? Recession Beating Tactics!

Instantly learn what separates SUCCESS and failure...

Instantly learn what separates SUCCESS and failure...

  • Panasonic INVEST in multi million pound sports sponsorship.
  • Google has reported its profits for the fourth quarter of the year 2008 were DOWN 68% on the same period in 2007, from $1.21bn (GBP885m) to $382m (GBP275).
  • Vodafone has awarded GBP70m advertising budget to agency Carat
  • The supermarket chain Morrisons has reported a 8.2% increase in sales.
  • JD Sports sales UP 2.8%.
  • Sainsbury’s sales UP 4.5%.
  • House of Fraser sales UP 4.5%.
  • T-Mobile markeing SPEND up 15% to £115M

What is the difference between these successes and failures, even during an economic downturn and recession?
Time to stop guessing, and find out?

Why do some succeed, while others fail?

The answer will be revealed in “Success in droves” – Success The Bookof Recession Beating Tactics, a Report by Peter Buick.

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“If you do not read this, your chances of failing in recession, just quadrupled!”


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How to get 100 top PPC keywords for any niche

Brad Callen rides agin!

Brad Calen, famouse for SEO ELite and Keyword ELite has done it again.

Now you can get 100 top keywords used by your competitors PPC ads, for any niche, instantly.

Checkout Brad Callens PPC Web Spy and get the 100 top keywords of your competitors PPC adverts for any niche you choose. For just $97 when you upgrade to platimunm. (You get 10 for free even if you do not upgrade).

Yo can expect o see a mad rush ion this one with endless people recomending it. An youc oud be one of them.

Just sign up and promote PPC Web Spy FIRST!

But even if you don’t use the internal affiliate network, you still get 100 top keywords, for any niche, at the rollover of a mouse!

Not only that but IF you make use of the PPC Web Spy”network” your own affiliate link can replace the number 1 and 2 spot for your any Google search, performed by your sub team.

As Eric Scmitt said SHOW ME THE MONEY – I-LIE 2.0

What does this have to do with eCommerce?

What does this have to do with eCommerce?

If you have your own business, it probably didn’t take you long to realise the immutable laws of Internet ecommerce (I-LIE, or if you an Apple Mac fan, iLIE). You may not have labelled like this, but here they are again; Read the rest of this entry »

Bun dot version 2 – Basic Values

A reminder of core business values?

A reminder of core business values?

I went to the bakers today, to buy a sandwich. And you know it is weird!

They didn’t have a sale on! They hadn’t reduced prices. They had stock. And no one had been laid off.

NO I’m not saying let’s start a bakery together 😉 Especially not an Internet bakery!

But it gets weirder! Read the rest of this entry »

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