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Archive for February, 2009

GET LOST in the Straight Line Of Success

The Life Web

The Life Web

Many of us constantly wrestle with ourselves. And often we beat ourselves up over our “lack of focus”. Well I do anyway, even if you won’t admit it. People who have a natural straight line vision will criticise us for it. And many “advisers” will tell us the way to achieve more success (or any success) is to develop and nurture this focus.

I guess we should define a term that encompasses this “lack of focus” else I am going to drift off from typing it 100 times 😉

So let me nickname this mental condition as “lost”. And I choose the word with several seconds of relevant deep thought, as I am inclined to do. Oh look paint drying…

So why are many of us “lost?

In Simpleology, Mark Joyner talks about “The Straight Line”. This is nothing new. He’s just captured a good mental image of the concept. To get from A to B quickly, go in a straight line, without hesitation, without distraction and you are more likely to get there. It’s simple. It’s a straight line.

The bigger longer deeper probing question is, “where do you want to go” and that is a question most people can not answer. Or are afraid to choose a single destination, even for the moment. And there is the first problem.

Of course life isn’t Read the rest of this entry »

ViSiTeach Social Publishing – episode 1

Today we released ViSiTeach episode one “The Internet Today”.

This is part of a series of videos to introduce the ViSITeach platform.

Because ViSiTeach is an Internet topology for social publishing, it can be quite hard to explain, which is why we have broken it down in to several key topics.

I hope you enjoy the video. Read the rest of this entry »

Asus targets audiophiles with ASIO 2

ASIO support for the Asus Soundcard
ASIO support for the Asus Soundcard

ASUS (best known to me for their motherboards) have entered the high end sound card market with the release of their Xonar Essence STX. A PCI-express sound card.
What caught my eye, besides the claimed audiophile style 124dB signal to noise ration, was the inclusion of ASIO 2.0 support, which is a Steinberg led, pro audio standard for music composition sequencers, like Steinberg’s own Cubase.
The remaining spec also seems impressive, including a headphone amplifier with very low distortion (0.001%), but as yet I have not heard it.
The pedigree of the card also seems high, using high specification electronic components, including;
24-bit Burr Brown PCM 1792A D-A converters, Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, TI TPA6120A2 headphone driver and an AV100 high-definition sound processor.
Connector wise there are; Read the rest of this entry »

Encouraging the free line

We may even send you something nice…

The Race Is On

The race is on…

NOW is the time to SUCCEED Beat Google Dominate your market AVOID slap FOREVER
OWN the INTERNET Increase Conversion

Get TRAFFIC In Droves Nail your competitors to the floor Is this a hobby or your livelihood? Define YOUR territory before your competitors do forcing you to grabble for crumbs for eternity and die wishing you had the forsight to take this action

Be one of the privelaged 100

just sit back and do nothing and be annihilated

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The Internet changes for good – Monday March 16th 2009

The Internet changes for good – Monday March 16th 2009


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