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Archive for June, 2009

Missing thumbnails for Photoshop PSD files

Photoshop Thumbnails back in File Explorer

Photoshop Thumbnails back in File Explorer

For a long time, I haven’t seen any thumbnails for Photohop PSD files in Microsoft File Explorer.
It seems to have arisen from some lack of communication and love between Adobe and Microsoft, which is a darn shame for both customer bases.

Point is thumbnails save eons of time knowing which file to load, without having to load it.

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HV5 will HTML 5 VIDEO make me any money today Google?

HV5 the new old news in web video

Lots of people jumping on the HTML 5 video band wagon, so let’s just clarify a few things, as I see them.

Will HTML 5 video, let’s nickname that bull frog to HV5 shall we?!

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Microsoft becomes araldite with bing

One sharp cookie

One sharp cookie

This is Stefan Weitz. He’s one of the most araldite speakers I’ve heard from Microsoft since the Bill.

Sure he’s a “geek”, but who would you rather have? A bad tempered accountant in a suit, or someone genuinely enthusiastic about what he does and he thinks he can help people?

Add to that araldite communication and does it remind you of any one?

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