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Archive for December, 2009

Spinning on social bookmarking

SPIN you rsocial bookmarks for added interest and reach

SPIN you rsocial bookmarks for added interest and reach

With Caroline Middlebrook about to launch her free social bookmarkeing service on the 19th December, to a limited elite, it reminded me that people on the PBdiscovery list get to download my free desktop SPINNER.

You can download it free. Read on to find out how. Read the rest of this entry »

When is search not a search?

Ms Rae Hoffman, CEO of Outspoken Media recently commented that including social media in organic search results, opened up a can of worms in security issues, such as libel and fraudulent broadcasting.

Most social services either require no authentification, or are easy to spoof, which is a legitimate feature for legitimate purposes like pen names and so on. But it also means that a group of people can fairly easily “engineer” a flame or libel against a company, brand or individual. Or even re-engineer “the news”.

Let’s count the ways… Read the rest of this entry »

Pete’s Previewer of Google Realtime Search (FREE)

Pete's Previewer for Google Real-time Search

Pete's Previewer for Google Real-time Search

I saw a lot of talk today about Google’s new “REAL TIME SEARCH” from their Google Lab.

EY? I thought…

If you want to see a preview of what it is and what it is al about, I made a simple free little desktop app, which you may find cool later on 😉

It’s a FREE download called Pete’s Previewer for Google Realtime Search.

FTC Compliance:

The utiltiy is free in exchange for opting in to receive my (very occassional) PBdiscovery newsletter. As this is my profession, there may be a commercial reason behind this, but it is always optional.

DOWNLOAD Google Realtime search NOW:

Just join my PB_Discovery list [ here ]

Managing emotional media – meet emotional database

I guess I should start by defining “emotional media”, but I’m not going to…

I often encounter the same issues and think, “hey I really need to write a software solution to fix that for once and for all”.

On a good day, that will be it and I’ll forget that “business distraction” idea.

On a bad day, I’ll actually write the solution. Read the rest of this entry »