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Archive for May, 2010

Are you an Eagle or an Owl of business?

Self Discovery:

It’s only natural, that as we do things and they don’t work out as we expected or planned, that we look for answers. Answers why the thing didn’t work.

With at least 90% of people who start an Internet business failing to make any real money at all, there’s a lot of this searching going on. But most people are searching for the wrong thing. And here’s why.

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Monetisating your blog or web site

Monetise your blog with Monetiser AI’m pleased to annouce i’ve just finished stage 1 of the monetisation project.

Monetiser A is a simple desktop program that helps you to monetise your blog or website, via Amazon, using a super easy system.

It’s amazingly effective. ANd here’s why… Read the rest of this entry »

Which most important idea wins?

Everything is a great idea and everything is the most important thing!

Read on to find out what is! Read the rest of this entry »