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Archive for January, 2011

Other Traffic solutions – uQast what is it?

Alternatives for traffic other than Google

Go where the cool people hang out!

uQast, from StomperNets Brad Fallon and Co. is a new Web 2.0 property based on the premise of aggregate content (to centralise experts content and hence traffic) and web 2.0 technology (in this case broadcastable media and document sharing) combined with eCommerce as well as Affiliate management.

Of course the main thrust of uQast, besides its own brand strength, is that it makes all of this “EASY”.

But as an independent publisher, is easy enough? Read the rest of this entry »

Google ads on Techchrunch. Techchrunch chews Google

My take on the “will Google survive” debate on TechChrunch:

The furonic thing is the 2 super large Google ads of Nexus I can see on techcrunch while I read this.

YES this article is sensationalist.
YES we ALL have agendas. Including Google.

But if you stop trying to defend the status quo and the “but I want Google babies” for just one moment…

No one is asking you to burn your Google T Shirt.

But Google have got too big. And they are not managing it well.
Every business and every product has a life cycle, and despite Google buying up many great innovator start-ups, Google has a Read the rest of this entry »