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Archive for March, 2011

How to do a product launch? Part 2

Carrying on for the last post abot Product Launch strategy, here is the first terse bullet point explained a little more.

1) The big launch picture:

Little point having a 1 product company.

Your company should have brand and that brand should have a long term goal, strategy, style, core mission.

EVERYTHING you do, should be towards that end game.

If you do not have an end game, then you are “playing” at it and you are highly unlikley to make 6+ figures. In which case just ignore everything I say. You are wasting my time, and wasting your own time.


Extracts from my mastermind contribution 2

Following on from my mastermind contribution notes part 1, let’s move on…

Having got the mindset and concept issues out of the way a little, let’s look at how to start, with a WSO and a MICRO product launch. Read the rest of this entry »

Extracts from my mastermind contribution

Following on from the skype chat, let me give you “MY” personal take on this.
it may be different. people will argue. You need to test and decide for yourself.
i will try to be terse. This deserves a 7 page explanation, but you wouldn’t read it, and I’m not getting paid.

Maybe we can discuss each point in detail on other days, if there is any point.

Points will be;
1) big picture, 2) WHY and WHO 3) infrastructure, 4) list building, 5) market entry, 6) product launch, 7) backend, 8) affiliates, 9) future.

but here is part 1 of the version for here… Read the rest of this entry »

How to launch a product? Part 1

A question came up in a product launch mastermind group I am currently in, about how to launch 1 product, starting with a WSO. The warrior forum is a very unique market place, which needs a unique discussion. But the alarm bells started to ring in my head, when I realised that this person might be trying to do a single product launch as a WSO, as their “business”.

So this is only my personal opinion, to that. It may be different to many “ideas” out there. People will argue with me. But you need to test and decide for yourself. Read the rest of this entry »