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Archive for January, 2013

Independent publishing in 2013

The Internet was supposed to be a liberating

Closed For Lunch. The Internet - Back Soon

Closed For Lunch. The Internet – Back Soon

The promise of the Internet was to be liberating. An independent publisher can compete on many of the same levels. One website can look much like any other. We can all take money easily. We can all buy ads at (sort of) the same price.

But the “choice” that the Internet brings, means “MASS” (quantity and volume) and that can only lead to dilution and at best “micro niche markets”.

So now the chances of being “found” or discovered on the internet are Read the rest of this entry »

NEW BOOK by Peter Buick – 3D Synergistic Life Layers

Not the catchiest book title in the world “3D Synergistic Life Layers” but it is what it says…

NEW Peter Buick book 3d_life_layers

You can pick up your copy on Amazon here [ 3D Life Layers – episode 1 ]

The Story Begins:

All my life I’ve struggled with starting way too many projects, usually because of lack of confidence when the feedback signs weren’t quick enough.

I know you have felt that too at times.

I’ve lost something like 11 milion dollars over my 30 business years because of that!

Naturally this has perplexed me and I’ve tried endless Read the rest of this entry »