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Archive for May, 2014

who do YOU trust in the information space?

We have choices! What are you doing with yours?

the_google_gorillaWhen I built my new PC recently, I’ve found myself not even bothering to install Microsoft office again (so far).

But this morning I found myself reaching for Google docs. BAD IDEA! Google is not your friend! They are an ad machine!

So I’m ultra pleased I remembered who have FREE & paid plans.

In 40 seconds I had created a spreadsheet and added a CHART, plus there’s a lot more (obvious) advanced features than in gdocs like pivots etc..

ZOHO is not the only choice by far, the main point is NEITHER IS GOOGLE!


We allow ourselves to be dominated, but WE HAVE CONTROL!
You can vote with your hearts and wallets!

ONE morning you may wake up and find your gmail closed, for 101 reasons (including Read the rest of this entry »