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Hi Ya,

I’m Peter Buick (no prizes there) from London UK.

My background is mainly as a professional freelance journalist (technical author) having written for Ziff Davis, Future Publishing, SEP, Paragon, Highbury, NB, and for many corporates and marketing agencies. I also have a few books published (yes even on Amazon).

I also lectured in multimedia and music technology for several years to BA level at University.

I started life as a mixing console QA test engineer for AHB before working for BBC radio (1,2,3 & 4) for several years – only leaving to form my own record company and start a career in studio engineering and production.

A fairly natural business calling from multimedia and the web means I’ve spent a lot of my life programming web and desktop software. But I’ve also done sound design and created virtual musical instruments (i.e. Animator virtual modelling) and plug-ins (i.e. Purple Compressor and MPB909).

On a personal level, I’m a prolific music composer (and lyricist) at heart. I try to play guitar, keyboards and sing, but I’m more of a writer/studio artist than live performer.

I also have strong interests in Reiki, Lingo Therapy, NLP, Abraham LOA (recently) and Anime (aka Japanese style Manga – cartoon animations).