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Archive for the ‘Announce’ Category

LiveStreaming – time to do or die

Mark Joyner (author of Irresistible Offer) is just about to start Live Streaming. Another signal that live streaming is about to go tide out and become main stream. So your and my chances of becoming bright lights in this space, are about to end. The early adopters are about to hit retirement!

live streaming do or dieSo I reckon we have 7 days to do or die.
Here’s a possible 7 day plan for live streaming for you;

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 1 – audience mission:

Write down your show mission statement – what will the AUDIENCE achieve !
Write down 5 bullet point achievements involved in that mission statement.
Write down 3 sub bullets for each of the 5 main bullet achievements above.
Get as far as you can.
You can only spend 1 day on this and it’s over. Just get as far as you can. You don’t need 15 bullets to start, but if you can’t do 15 bullets, what are you?

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 2 – Create your HQ:

Create your HQ site and make sure it is a CENTRAL place for all of your news and press and make sure there is a JOIN MY LIST mechanism where the users will get all your show notifications, one extra advantage and your micro email course daily, which will SUPPLEMENT your live streams, with additional stuff that won’t even be on the live streams.  The live stream is the front line, but the real war is fought and won in the trenches with these emails, your HQ and factor X (coming).

LiveStream Do OR Die Blueprint – Day 3 – starting your presence:

Find out who the leaders or influencers are in your space and help them, participate and create a dialogue, so that they and their audience know you exist and have at least 1 great thing to say/offer.

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AppSumo Gate – Michael J Fox slammed for disability

AppSumo Gate;:


Michael J Fox is on a mission to eradicate Parkinson’s

In what I’m labeling as AppSumo Gate, etailer Appsumo upset quite a lot of people when their latest offered slammed Michael J Fox for his disease, Parkinsons.

In an attempt at “humour” to sell a wallet sized phone tripod, AppSumo claimed that a tripod would avoid the sort of camera shake has Michael J Fox been behind the lens.

The copy was fairly quickly edited with the “joke” removed after the product manufacturer realised what had been said.

But such is the beast of social media, that the legend of AppSumo Gate, lives on in over 109 comments, and of course this blog post…

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Windows 10 – FAIL! (again)

Let’s face it, Microsoft should pack up and go home and stop trying to make operating systems!

And while they’re at it, APPLE should step up to their game and open up the Apple OS to all (modern) PC hardware.

Microsoft have continued to lose the plot, ever since Windows XP. It’s been downhill with bloatware, FUTware and Mess-Up-User ware ever since.

Even then, DOS was the best (as in efficient and user simple) operating system, Microsoft ever did.

Why Windows 10 Sucks:

This could become a very long article. For now, I’ll just stick with my Windows 10 survival guide. AKA “How Windows 7 Luddites can keep working under Windows 10.”

DANGER WILL ROBINSON – Windows 10 Shit Storm Approaching!

So the big MS is Satin clue appeared with this seemingly simple ENFORCED SETUP. Read the rest of this entry »

A WSO to mess with your head

Who else wants to increase conversions on cold calling and face to face meetings?

Well my next WSO is about just that.

But it’s not theory – it’s practical advice.

Get ready to mess with peoples heads!

See you then


FIX HACK Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_initial_constants() i

WordPress vulnerabiltiy – again.

There seems to be a hack going eround by some *-holes

The error you might recieve is

Call to undefined function wp_initial_constants() 

A possible cure seems to be Read the rest of this entry »

Monetisating your blog or web site

Monetise your blog with Monetiser AI’m pleased to annouce i’ve just finished stage 1 of the monetisation project.

Monetiser A is a simple desktop program that helps you to monetise your blog or website, via Amazon, using a super easy system.

It’s amazingly effective. ANd here’s why… Read the rest of this entry »