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Archive for the ‘Chaos Wave’ Category

Adding some Chaos

The only trouble with developing an audio product, is it can easily become too much fun, playing with it!

Especially with a virtual synth like the Chaos Wave Synth, which is all about “meddling” with sound and music composition.

I’m pretty sure the Korg Kaoscillator doesn’t do what you can hear in the audio demo example snatches I’ve put up on the Chaos Wave Synth sounds demo page.

I don’t think it even has a “Grunge Muncher”? But maybe I am wrong 😉

Christmas gift ideas the Korg Kaoscillator

As seen on TV, well ok, the Channel 5 Gadget Show, with Suzi Perry, the Korg Kaoscillator got the audience vote for cool msuical gift of th eyear.

Sadly, Korg don’t have any (possibly till March 2009) so many Kaos’ers are going to be dissapointed this Christmas.

But it’s not MY fault 😉

So what could still make you (or your beloved Kaos’er) still smile this Christmas?

Well the chances are that they/you have a (Windows) PC, or a laptop. If not they are dead cheap now (under £200 new for some specifications).

OK so this is NOT hardware.

In fact it is NOT even an emualtion or model of the Korg Kaoscillator.

What it is, is “INSPIRED” by the Kaos, and I call it CHAOS WAVE SYNTH.

You can get the latest low down at CHAOS WAVE  SYNTH .com

There is a PRO version coming.

Even if you DO have a Korg Kaosocillator, you will want to get a CHAOS WAVE SYNTH as well! It does stuff your Kaos can only dream of.