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Share the power of Corner Shop 2 in your Google searches

IM Guru’s fall off chair in confused moment of mis-information.

Some Internet Marketeers are allegedly falling off their chairs over this. ROFL.
You need to afford to buy better chairs guys!
This does NOT give you automatic number 4 ranking in Google search!!!!
This potentially gives you slot 4 from the people who already know you and want to hear from you. And believe me they will unsubscribe just as fast unless you offer then value. And once the competition for Subscribed Links hots up (in about 32 minutes time) this slot will be highly competitive.
I didn’t fall off my chair, I got up to look out the window at something more interesting that might actually put food on my table. Isn’t that what YOU should be doing too?

Get with the program people and think stuff through for 20 seconds!

OK riding the band wagon…
Above is my static link for Corner Shop 2, but it will be updated with the very latest news.
I’m just working on my dynamic subscribed link feed which should be up tomorrow.

Here’s the scoop on Google’s Subscribed Links:
Google are Read the rest of this entry »

Pre Anouncement – Corner Shop 2 announcement

Corner Shop 2 - Longevity Business and Traffic SystemOn Monday 7th July 2008 I will be announcing Corner Shop 2

I appreciate it is a naff name, but it is in the spirit of the real world we live in, and not the magic bullets of grey hat, black hat and guru fads.

I’m releasing this now as I am fed up with the stream of magic bullet Guru formulas and product launch formulas, and if you’ve been riding my blog, you’ll realise that John Reese was the final nail in the coffin for me.

We are now in recession and people can no longer afford to play with their livelihoods and the security of their families.

Credit card debt is at an all time high and you can be sure a lot of that in IM circles is because of people desperately investing in last hope magic bullet solutions. Stop it!
If buying Internet Marketing magic bullets is your “hobby”, and you can afford it, then by all means carry on. But for the next 18 months, let’s stop the insanity and let’s get back to basics. Let’s earn a living!

Corner Shop 2 is my system for doing exactly that. Earning a living. Read the rest of this entry »