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Archive for the ‘Data Transfer Rate comparison’ Category

What is the data transfer speed of devices like SATA, USB, Firewire, Ethernet?

Just because I keep forgetting and because they measure them in bits or bytes depending on whether they think it is storage or comms.

Just remember that approximately 1B (Byte) is made up of 10bits (because of start and stop bit, parity, etc.) (Here /s means per second)

I have attempted to order this list of devices in decreasing transfer speeds/rates/bandwidth…

SATA 300 300MB/s 3000Mb/s (Serial ATA)
SATA 150 150MB/s 1500Mb/s
GigaBit Ethernet 100MB/s 1000Mb/s
Firewire 800 (Firewire 2) 80MB/s 800Mb/s
USB 2.0 48MB/s 480Mb/s (i.e. USB dongle or data pen)
Firewire 400 40MB/s 400Mb/s
ATA Hard disk (PATA/ Parallel IDE) 33MB/s 330Mb/s
100Mbit Ethernet 10MB/s 100Mb/s
USB 1.0 1.2MB/s 12Mb/s
10Base T 1MB/s 10Mb/s
1Mbit ADSL downstream 100KB/s 1Mb/s (broadband)
ADSL upstream (i.e. 256Kb) 25.6KB/s 256Kb/s
MP3 file encoded at 256Kb/s 25.6KB/s 256Kb/s
MP3 file encoded at 128Kb/s 12.8KB/s 128Kb/s (yes that’s why audio was so bad in dial up modem days, hence Realaudio and their voice style 8Kb/s data rates, which was amazing for the time.)
56Kb dial up modem 5.6KB/s 56Kb/s

DV Camera (I think it was 5MB/sec for 720 30 frame raw video – I need to verify this when I am awake.

1 minute of Mono 16 bits CD quality audio (44.1Khz sample rate) 5MB/min 50Mb/min
[aka 44,100 Hertz (sample rate) x 2 for 16 bit x 60 seconds in a minute = 5,292,000 = 5.2MB/min]

1 minute of Stereo 16 bits CD quality audio (44.1Khz sample rate) 10MB/s 100Mb/s

48x CD
2x DVD
Floppy disk (1.44MB 3.5″) 0.06 MB/s 0.06Mb/s (yep 24+ seconds to fill a disk)