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Archive for the ‘Eben Pagan’ Category

COMMITTMENT – Time Productivity software

Screen Grab of COMMITTMENT

Screen Grab of COMMITTMENT

COMMITTMENT – Time Productivity software

Here is a screenshot of my Time Productivity software called COMMITTMENT.

A program that tests your own business or project ideas to make sure you have teh resources and committment to focus enough to create success.

Also a section on how to care for your self.

And a recomended reading list.

It’s currently free to people on my PB discovery newsletter.

Absynth shocker, Frank Kern & Eben Pagan SOBER

Despite having a spare bottle, Frank Kern resisted the temptation to get drunk (like he did last year) for his teleseminar phonecall with Eben Pagan (aka love maker David De Angelo). In reality, Kern wanted to go surfing afterwards, but the result was the same. A sober (and quite dry) call.

Naturally the conference call was a shameless promotion for Eban Pagan’s new home study course version of his guru mastermind.

But in typical Eben fashion they dripped a piece of free line content. And here it is. Read the rest of this entry »