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Archive for the ‘Frank Kern’s Brain’ Category

The Buffalo Effect of product selection

Let’s talk about the “buffalo of product selection” (just click) Read the rest of this entry »

Absynth shocker, Frank Kern & Eben Pagan SOBER

Despite having a spare bottle, Frank Kern resisted the temptation to get drunk (like he did last year) for his teleseminar phonecall with Eben Pagan (aka love maker David De Angelo). In reality, Kern wanted to go surfing afterwards, but the result was the same. A sober (and quite dry) call.

Naturally the conference call was a shameless promotion for Eban Pagan’s new home study course version of his guru mastermind.

But in typical Eben fashion they dripped a piece of free line content. And here it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Frank Kern Getting It LIVE 2008

This is an offer for 99 Frank Kern Mass Control Monthly members!

As Mass Control Monthly members will know, the Frank Kern October 2008 DVD newsletter was about the “Brain Cleanse”. Kern’s offering for achieving “focus” and hence “success”.

Cleanse your mind with BCW from BuickAI

Cleanse your mind with BCW from BuickAI

As usual from Frank, it was nothing new, as chunking and sub lists has been around since, Noah and the Ark (how do you think he managed to remember 2 of every animal?).

Even so it is a good technique and one that was already scheduled for the FREE event “Getting It LIVE 2008” on the 14th November (now only 397 places left as I type).

But we don’t all live in a house big enough for a floor to ceiling white board like Frank Kern and John Reece. And if your life is anything like mine, your white board wouldn’t be static, and you wouldn’t want to be writing it down, scrubbing it off, and putting it back up again. Hey this is the 21st century anyway… Maybe not in LA, but it is here 😉

You probably know, but all 500 attendees of Getting It LIVE 2008 who attend “live” (not on any replays if there even are any) get a GIFT for attending.

There were seven choices, probably too many, but I don’t know what you guys are in to yet until you complete the pre-event survey.

But now there are EIGHT choices!

Choice 8 is going to be of particular interest to Read the rest of this entry »

Will Frank Kern save you $267 ?

Frank Kern – Man or mouse ?

Frank Kern of Mouse Control

Frank Kern of Mouse Control

Yes it’s true!

Frank Kern can save you $267 if you are a Mass Control member. SO WILL HE?

All he has to do is to issue you the special coupon code I have issued him and the saving is yours.
Just ask Mass Control support if you don’t receive your code.

Read the rest of this entry »

How Frank Kern ruined my weekend – part 2

How Frank Kern ruined my weekend – part 2

So what was it that Frank Kern told me not to do?

This is probably one of the most important things I have ever shared with you. But it also runs a high risk of “messing with your head” too. So

WARNING. Do not read this! Seriously. Read the rest of this entry »

How Frank Kern ruined my weekend

How Frank Kern ruined my weekend

AKA “Internet Marketing makes you impotent”

So there I was, all jee’d up (TM) with my Mass Control Monthly, ready to start to dominate planet earth and beyond by exuding coolness and charm, and “wammo” my page drooped!

What was the “evil plan” that the Kern had unleashed on us? Read the rest of this entry »