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Archive for the ‘jeff walker’ Category

WARNING I have no guru to warm my feet

Yep launch control worked really well!

I am now on NO gurus list… Not a single 1.

I said I would unsubscribe from every single scum affiliate who promoted Jeff Walkers PLF2, and they ALL did. True to form guys – ROFL. You really have this IM thing pinned don’t you. Hell slap each other on the back on the goof course guys, you are SO f*ck*ng cool, NOT.

WHY did I unsubscribe from every penny grabbing guru?

Launch control is about Read the rest of this entry »

The answer to how many Jeff Walker’s does it take to change a lightbulb

The short answer of course is Jeff Walker doesn’t change his own light bulbs!

But the answer you were waiting for is;

None. But a queue of people would be lining up to change it for him 😉

BTW if you aren’t lucky or rich enough to get a seat on Jeff Walkers PLF2 Launch Course, then I’d really value hearing from you, on my Get Real list.

I think I have some interesting (dirt cheap) solutions for you, but I need to know what you really need. Some feedback has come in already, but it is inconclusive.

Why not join in?

How many Jeff Walkers does it take to change a light bulb?

On 6 figures Internet Marketeer Todd Brown(If you want to know one of the niches that Todd Brown is in, join my jeffwalker aweber list)

How many Jeff Walkers does it take to change a light bulb?

How to launch with zero list or JV partners…

Jeff Walker released the Todd Brown launch case study. Todd started from ZERO with no list (well actually 17) and no JV partners and not even any reputation with his market.

He had a web based software product which he wanted to break in to a second niche.

He did market research for a golden nugget, a big market, with a lot of money to spend.
The first niche he picked had big numbers according to his keyword research, but he soon discovered that it did not have lots of money and was not growing and didn’t have significant competitors to prove it was vibrant.

So he found Read the rest of this entry »

Peter Buick speaks on Product launches

I’ve written a brief 2 page PDF on Product Launches

Jeff Walker is hot on the heels of Frank Kern and they both suggest a Product Launch strategy. So how can YOU maximise on these secret success tactics without giving them thousands of dollars?

The following is a 20KB zipped PDF document:

Peter Buick speaks on product launche (20KB Zipped PDF)

Are you on the ladder or not?

I’ve just watched the 70 minute presentation by Jeff Walker, about, well what was it about?

Some where along the line, maybe like you, I’ve confused business” with having to do a “launch“.

Sure you have to launch your business, and launch each of your products, and that is one mistake I almost made, 5 minutes ago, again!

The talk was all very inspiring. Big launches happen. Even humble guys can do product launches. The new product launch goal is $100 MILLION.

That’s a big temptation, because hey, brilliant NLP light bulb, even if “we” can only do ONE THOUSANDTH of that and do a $100,000 launch “failure“, hell even a $10,000 launch “failure”, that wouldn’t be so bad any way, would it?

So hey, it’s going to be worth giving Jeff $3,000 (or whatever the final figure is) to get on the LAUNCH course. Hell it even says web 2.0 in it 😉

But then I screen capped the slides of the presentation, which he didn’t have “time” to discuss and it hit me!

You can get Read the rest of this entry »

Jeff Walker Launch Blueprint videos

Jeff Walker Launch Blueprint

If you’d prefer to watch Jeff Walker’s Launch Blueprint from your PC/MAC, and slightly bigger (it stretches without too much quality loss) rather than streaming every time you want to watch it, and kill Jeff’s server, join my list;

I’ll try to make it worth joining for other reasons too 😉