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Archive for the ‘John Reese’ Category

John Reese Folder 2 point OH let’s chuckle together

OK let’s move on from yesterday and John Reese’s “valueable” (?) free content and try to work out the real deal here.

Corner Shop 2 - Longevity Business and Traffic System

The majority of Internet Marketing victimises lazy people who want fast buck returns for zero effort. They’ll repeatedly throw a pile of credit card debt at grappling for the magic bullet. I know, I have done it myself!

So ask yourself this question… Read the rest of this entry »

John Reese to laugh or to cry on Folder 2 point OH

What a shame Eban Pagan couldn’t have lent John Reese one of his uber “nice” shirts for the 2 freebie Traffic 2.0 videos! With all those millions, you’d think a more video friendly shirt shop could be close at hand, wouldn’t you? Now if only you could buy shirts on line.

Hey there’s an opportunity!

Here is John Reese wearing a jumper, before his 2.0 shirt transformation...

But of course it’s not about the shirt, it’s about the man. Erm.

But just how stupid do these people think we are? Obviously very stupid! And just maybe we are… Read the rest of this entry »

The Celebrity Slip Stream of John Reese is a child

The Gutter Press vs The Internet:

In a post by Dr Mani, he referred to John Reese as a child, over Reese’s recent responses to articles which he felt attacked him. I won’t even bother to give credit to the attackers by mentioning them. That is what they wanted from the start.

I think the word “child” conjures up the wrong image. John Reese is not a child and AFAIC he doesn’t act like a child. IMHO he is impulsive, passionate, brash and he likes to win. He is highly competitive (Napoleon syndrome) and sure, any non positive comment can get his back up and make him bark.

But JR is Read the rest of this entry »

The positive side of negativity

“David and Goliath in heated debate about the Law Of Attraction”

There was a Tweet recently by John Reese saying not to waste time complaining. He also said strange how only the small guys whinge, never from anyone better than the accused. (my paraphrasing – sorry John).

I don’t have my own answer for this, just a few observations;

In business, absolutely, the golden rule is Read the rest of this entry »

John Reese brand or machine?

Does personal brand have a place in business?

Sort of!

A business is nothing more than a Read the rest of this entry »