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Archive for the ‘Mind Control’ Category

Mind Control lobe 8

Here’s a quick thumbnail of page 1 from my Simple Mind Control utility.

In line with Mark Joyner’s SimpleOlogy self development and millionaires business attitude process, the SMC tool lets you target and enhance your “powers” to become more successful in business and in life.

With page 1, you can see how simple and quick it is to sort out your action plan, give death to time leeches and make your plan grow powers exponentially.

I’ll be doing some video training to go with the utility, more about the concepts behind using this very simple program, Simple Mind Controlthan the program itself. The program is dead simple to use.

Tomorrow I hope to upload page 2. Page 2 is very exciting for me, as this is where we really start to expand on the SimpleOlogy.

Simple Mind COntrol Porgram