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Archive for the ‘Niche Finding’ Category

Are you an Eagle or an Owl of business?

Self Discovery:

It’s only natural, that as we do things and they don’t work out as we expected or planned, that we look for answers. Answers why the thing didn’t work.

With at least 90% of people who start an Internet business failing to make any real money at all, there’s a lot of this searching going on. But most people are searching for the wrong thing. And here’s why.

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The Buffalo Effect – Part 3

OK so why doesn’t what Frank Kern says work?

As you’d expect a lot of what he says makes sense, and a lot of it is even true.

So why doesn’t it work? Read the rest of this entry »

The Buffalo Effect – Part 2

A market like “Himalayan basket weavers while on acid” is not a good market IF there are only 7 of them…

Thanks Frank Kern, that’s really good to know 🙂

OK Let’s look atthe Frank Kern methodology; Read the rest of this entry »

The Buffalo Effect of product selection

Let’s talk about the “buffalo of product selection” (just click) Read the rest of this entry »

Is MSN search traffic worth having?

In what 2 guys call the MSN loophole, they claim they have a legitimate (not even grey hat) method of giving MSN what it wants, so they give you traffic back.

Costing a one time $67 can this produtct be worth having?

Let’s find out!

I’ll be reporting back shortly… They claim it wil produce resulst within 2~60 days.

If you can’t wait yourself, you can buy your own MSN Loophole today for just $67 one time.

They say with a simpel one page website and a thing called a “linkbaitor” even dificult competitive keyword terms can be yours. ANd the secret blueprint is contiane dwithin a simple 24 page PDFblueprint manual.

Keyword and niche research

If you haven’t heard the name Howie Schwartz before, then he’s one of the Read the rest of this entry »