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Archive for the ‘politics’ Category

the EU and Britain?

Whatever happens, VOTE TODAY ! Whichever way you roll, VOTE TODAY because it is looking like a CLOSE race.

Don’t let your own apathy or confusion, let the loonies win.

VOTE! for whatever you believe in…

golden-gate-bridge-1030999_640We’ve been lied to on both sides!
It’s ALL about “personal power”.
There is no clear cut, black and white option. Europe is far from perfect. The UK being alone is not perfect either.

The bureaucrats in Brussels have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
The UK government (all parties) have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
It seems like an impossible NO WIN situation. And “I” think it is. But that’s even more why you should VOTE..

The facts are distorted. I’m not sure who to believe.
But the Liverpool PHD Professor who’s “JOB” for the last 4 years has been EU Law, “may” be telling the truth.

My takeaway of his talk; Read the rest of this entry »