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Archive for the ‘PPC’ Category

The secret to pay per click success

“Never give up” was allegedly what Frank Kern’s grand father taught him.

And there seems to be something phenomenal about that…

You see I’ve never “got” Adsense. It always seems to end up costing way too much and producing way too little traffic.

So it was disappointing, to say the least, that I got Read the rest of this entry »

The PPC results are in

Well OK they’re still coming in, I guess they always will 😉

After the leak by Read the rest of this entry »

PPC magic Yahoo and Google

I guess it might be a British thing to love the underdog. Or is it an astute value for money technique?

When you say PPC these days, most people think you mean “Google”.
Or wonder why you are saying “PPC these days” at them ;-)”

Certainly currently Google hold 66.2% (source Trellian niche keyword research) of the PPC market, but only running a Google PPC campaign therefore ignores ONE THIRD of your potential market. Is that clever?

What I find even more interesting is Read the rest of this entry »