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Archive for the ‘Reviews’ Category

Surviving the web?

Surviving the web seems to get harder every day.

Faster hosting with CDN

Demands for higher security as hackers grow like the festering puss filled parasite they are.
Demands for mobile users, demands for video viewers, demands for greater speed.

Well at least on the last one, there is an answer. Read the rest of this entry »

Big Business Automation – Money Breeds Money

The case for big business software automation

The longer I’m in business (been over 30 years now) the more I appreciate how money breeds money.

Business Automation Software is one of those things, in your early years, you just don;t think makes sense.  The difference of course is you implement it fully ONCE you can justify it. And then it becomes a “PROFIT MULTIPLIER” and not a “business EXPENSE”.

For any business that has its own products, they should almost certainly have an affiliate scheme. There are hundreds of solutions, from self hosted, to rented, to on-line services. As always with the web, there are even totally free versions of all of those. But the point is, once you are banking large, you don’t risk it all on some web 2 start up, run by 2 Indians in 2 different districts and hosted on a shared hosting account with poxgator.

One such example is HASOFFERS which is an affiliate management “service” run in the Amazon S3 Cloud so it is scaleable.

They charge from $99 to $799 per month and already serve over 10,000 businesses, including some more major corporates. When you look at their offer, you will see why.

They even have a 30 day trial period, so you can see how good their service is.

Some things just smell right, don’t they?

Other Traffic solutions – uQast what is it?

Alternatives for traffic other than Google

Go where the cool people hang out!

uQast, from StomperNets Brad Fallon and Co. is a new Web 2.0 property based on the premise of aggregate content (to centralise experts content and hence traffic) and web 2.0 technology (in this case broadcastable media and document sharing) combined with eCommerce as well as Affiliate management.

Of course the main thrust of uQast, besides its own brand strength, is that it makes all of this “EASY”.

But as an independent publisher, is easy enough? Read the rest of this entry »

Is it International day?

Today I need to wear the big numpty hat, because I fell for the Internet marketing  silver bullet which is Mike Auton and Chris X.

Naturally I did not believe the hype and promise for millions, but I was intrigued what the source of traffic was, that was NOT Google, Yahoo or Bing, and which was 85% of the traffic.

The system is called hard cash hernia and, DOH I fell for it.

But it must be international day, when Mike wrote this. Read the rest of this entry »

Do NOT buy CB Predator

No I really mean that. There is no affiliate link in here.  This isn’t a sales trick.

Do NOT buy CB Predator unless you full understand what the following means.

Read the rest of this entry »

PPC Web Spy Review – the lazy naff buzz

The Naff and Lazy side of PPC Web Spy

Brad Callen is a pretty cool guy. His SEO Elite and Keyword Elite software, may not be the best keyword research and seo analysis tools out there any more, but they are what other tools are judged by.

PPC Web Spy is a recent release from Brad and it is getting a lot of hype and buzz about it, but for the wrong reason.

Even Frank Kern and Trey from Info Millionaire have pretended that Read the rest of this entry »