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Archive for the ‘Ryan Deiss’ Category

The End of the web – Part 2

Ok so before we can come to any sort of educated conclusion, we need to look at the facts a little closer.

For sure, larger corporates buy smaller companies and squeeze out mom and pop competition.
We need to balance that with some mom and pop businesses still survive and prosper, some with more “personal wealth” than most corporate directors.
The reason why that can happen, s that they specialise and niche, and their reaction times can be way ahead of any corporate planning meetings.

For sure, the web is being controlled by a handful of larger players. I like to call them the “web mafia”.
It’s hard to go far without encountering them!
Google! YouTube (Google owned), Amazon, Ebay, WikiPedia, Time Warner Group, and so on.
Some of these giants let us play, or contribute n their space. Some less so.
Naturally that may change, either way, in the future.

Notably Read the rest of this entry »

Ryan Deiss kills the Internet

The End of the Web – says Ryan Deiss.

I’m actually more interest that Ryan Deiss describes himself as “Managing Editor of” than his prediction that the end of the web is coming.

That is not to say he is completely wrong, but as always it is not black and white, or total, but shades of grey and proportional. Let me explain… Read the rest of this entry »