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Archive for the ‘Scripts’ Category

WordPress ALINK fix

Here is the fix for the WordPress Alink script by Sean Hickey, as I commented on his blog.

I’ve simply removed the xtxra CRs on the scripts which caused the fatal error, headers already sent message.

Download the ALINK 1.0RC1 FIX (516kb zip hosted by

In case you don’t know, Sean’s ALINK is a splendid WordPress plugin that can replace phrases in a blog post and make them in to live links – such as dictionary definitions, links to other posts or specialist blogs on that topic and so on.

Auction Cow solution

It was a Tuesday:

I recently bought the MRR resale rights to Auction Cow, the Ebay clone (with Adsense) to provide fresh content to your site through the continually refreshed RSS Ebay auction feed, as well as the Ebay affiliate commission (paid through Commission Junction).

The good thing about the script is Read the rest of this entry »