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Archive for the ‘SimpleOlogy’ Category

Learning from great customer service

I know it was an automated auto responder, but I was really pleased to receive an email progressing me on my SimpleOlogy course from Mark Joyner.

It’s pretty appropriate as one part of the Mind Control course is about self development. So it makes sure you are Read the rest of this entry »

Improving on Simpleology

Mark Joyner, the x-army intelligence officer, caused a stir originally with his MIND CONTROL book. But he withdrew it from the market and second hand used copies started to sell for $200 and over.

Several years later and Mind Control is available again, in a new updated form, as an on-line course, plus the “missing chapter” which in true IM cloak and dagger style, was “too powerful”

I’ve only had Mind Control for about 16 hours now, and some of those I was asleep. Plus modules 2 and 3 are locked until I complete module 1, and I simply haven’t had time to start reading the ebooks and watch all the videos. I’m still reeling from 20 audios of challenging my own mindset.

Apart from the incredibly annoying UP-SELL for over $200 as soon as you have just paid $27 for what WAS announced and explained, it all seems terrific so far.

I’ve listened to all 20 of the audio coaching topics and what has struck me the most is how this “program” melds life, business and marketing mind control in to one neat integrated conceptual package. I mean, “why do you want to control your market anyway”. What is your real driver? It probably isn’t just money.Nut even if it is, Mark teaches us, quite strongly, that money only comes AFTER your core powers are developed and are running exponentially.

It’s part Law Of Attraction and part Mind control. Both yours (your attitude, enthusiasm and energy) and your clients.

But it’s not some lame ass NLP or “marketing LOA” (sic) spin.

This is real stuff, for real people.

This is definitely the best thing I have bought in the past 2 years and it was probably the cheapest. WAY WAY above looking over some Oz’ies shoulder while he bumbles away (really sic) or using some alleged traffic enhancer system, which actually LOST me SERP points, until I took it off again (erm thanks Jason Potash!)

The fact I am apparently not even worthy to have an affiliate link to Mind Control should indicate what a quality system it is.

I have made my own “Simple Mind Map” PC desktop program to compliment the ethos of the Mind Control program (module 1).

If you’d been following me on Twitter today, you could have got it for free.

I’m still considering the price, but as affiliates can sell it now, it won’t be cheap.

Other posts will follow about how to buy “Simple Mind Map” or subscribe to my Simple Mind Map newsletter to receive the very latest news as soon as possible and save 18%.

And if you can sell 2 more copies than your own, yours will end up FREE.