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Archive for the ‘Software’ Category

A dirty little API – Metro to Xero

I could tell by the clients tone, this just wan’t want a technical issue. The kind where all logical reason flys out the window, because reality isn’t doing what it says on the tin.

The sort of issue that could bring a business to its knees.

“We can’t do our reconciliation, we can’t automate our banking, so we can’t do our accounts, so we can’t operate, so we can’t sell”

As far fetched as that might sound (or not) that’s what was in the clients head. Read the rest of this entry »

Buying keywords and multiple level strategies

I recetnly made a PC desktop program to pull in “buying” keywords.

The difference with buying keywords is they are actually used when the intent of the surfer is on buying and purchasing, rather than just research or aimless browsing.

Certainly we can’t Read the rest of this entry »

But what keywords are buyers really using?

Imagine using the same keywords that buyers are?

Keyword research is one of those things that people either get excited about, or not.

But everyone pretty much uses the same keyword suggestions tool (from Google Adwords) and it is after all, only¬† a “suggestion” of whether they would return an advert or not, if that keyword was requested.

But of course it is back to front.

It will tell you how popular something might be, if you know it, but not really what is popular, if you don;t know it. Sure there are related and even semantic searches, but these have an alarmingly similarity between them, suggesting that they aren’t actual terms, but “pigeon hole” terms.

So what do “buyers” actually search for then? Read the rest of this entry »

Monetisating your blog or web site

Monetise your blog with Monetiser AI’m pleased to annouce i’ve just finished stage 1 of the monetisation project.

Monetiser A is a simple desktop program that helps you to monetise your blog or website, via Amazon, using a super easy system.

It’s amazingly effective. ANd here’s why… Read the rest of this entry »