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Archive for the ‘SPAM emergency’ Category

Love my SPAM Love my Aweber autoresponder

Following on from my weekend of hell, explained in yesterdays post, which mentioned how even autoresponders like Aweber were not the solution to the SPAM email crisis, this little picture may intrigue you…

Aweber today labelled a spammer

Today even Aweber (the premiere high deliverability bulk email marketing enabler) have been labeled as a spammer!

So how IS your email marketing going today?

Think maybe you should perhaps know what is going on possibly at all?

You HAVE been labelled a spammer and you do not even know

You HAVE been labelled a spammer and you do not even know it!

AFAIC the Internet is now officially in CRISIS!

This is the most important thing affecting every Internet user, let alone every Internet business, ever.

As far as I can remember, there has never been a more important issue which is most likely already affecting YOU! Read the rest of this entry »