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Archive for the ‘Thoughts’ Category

What is Full Stack Marketing?

full stack marketing how i tfeelsToday I realised I was old 😉 I’m not a millennial (born 1980~2000)

Millennials are supposed to form 49% of the work force soon, from about 25% now. So I found out that one of the fads of this group is something called “FULL STACK MARKETING”

Honestly I’d never heard of it, so I had to do some digging 😉

Apparently a Full Stack Developer is someone who can do BOTH front end and back end. In other words a programmer who can do UIx.
I’ve always done that, but never knew I had a title. So YAY I am a full stack developer.

So what about Full Stack Marketing? Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve written a new article here on a REAL tool for managing self esteem.

You can read it here;

[ A real life tool ]

and we’re back

SO I made a huge mistake – more of that in a moment !

Staying on the Internet thingy…

regiter_office_640Sometimes maintaining a web presence, isn’t so easy, but I’m sure you know that !

You see not all Internet Registrars are built the same. There’s propagation time and then there’s just incompetence.

I’m not sure what or when it went wrong, but when I started on the web, was my go to registrar for my domain names. I must have registered over 500 with them over the years. But today I have 3 – NOPE make that 2 – HOORAY !

I often have to change hosting, for one reason or another. Usually because all of a sudden a service goes unreliable and then the support fails to kick in. It didn’t matter when you didn’t need it, but now it’s all gone wrong, you need someone to step up and say “hey yeah, we’re the hosting company, let’s do the hosting bit for ya”.

Naturally it’s best to have backups and sort it out yourself. VPS over shared has solved nearly all of my problems in this area, but occasionally the “tin” just seems to have gone mental (more likely the virtualisation shell with a VPS) and even a previously healthy image restore doesn’t resolve it either.

But that’s not my point for today… Read the rest of this entry »

who do YOU trust in the information space?

We have choices! What are you doing with yours?

the_google_gorillaWhen I built my new PC recently, I’ve found myself not even bothering to install Microsoft office again (so far).

But this morning I found myself reaching for Google docs. BAD IDEA! Google is not your friend! They are an ad machine!

So I’m ultra pleased I remembered who have FREE & paid plans.

In 40 seconds I had created a spreadsheet and added a CHART, plus there’s a lot more (obvious) advanced features than in gdocs like pivots etc..

ZOHO is not the only choice by far, the main point is NEITHER IS GOOGLE!


We allow ourselves to be dominated, but WE HAVE CONTROL!
You can vote with your hearts and wallets!

ONE morning you may wake up and find your gmail closed, for 101 reasons (including Read the rest of this entry »

Dance like a millionaire

Feeling like a millionaire?

All too often, life can seem insurmountable, even pointless.

We often hear the expression “give thanks” for what you have. But we often (usually) only recognise it when it is gone. We appreciate what we once had, only once we lose it and things turn for the far worse.

Your God often jokes with me when I think things can’t get even worse, and sends me a reminder that they ALWAYS can!

This TED video, from Chenoval survivor, reminds me what we take for granted.

[ Being grateful for what ? VIDEO ]

Due to some crazy Facebook privacy prevention issue, the link to the
video is here



“Dance like nobody is watching…”




Independent publishing in 2013

The Internet was supposed to be a liberating

Closed For Lunch. The Internet - Back Soon

Closed For Lunch. The Internet – Back Soon

The promise of the Internet was to be liberating. An independent publisher can compete on many of the same levels. One website can look much like any other. We can all take money easily. We can all buy ads at (sort of) the same price.

But the “choice” that the Internet brings, means “MASS” (quantity and volume) and that can only lead to dilution and at best “micro niche markets”.

So now the chances of being “found” or discovered on the internet are Read the rest of this entry »