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Archive for the ‘Twitter’ Category

Twitters new TOS and what it means to me

Firstly here are the most salient points fom the new Twitter terms of service issued today. I will comment on them later, as I am pushed for time tright now. But if you are a Twitter user (and whyon earth wouldn’t you be)you need to know that these conditions even esxist!

Let’s look at the highlights… Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Viral site launches

I launched the Twitter Viral website today, as the new home for the Twitter Viral Exentsion – the ulitmate Twitter platform widget/gadet extension.

Twitter Viral aims to add viral functionaility to the twitter platform whilst retaining the “ethos” of Twitter, which is “simplicity”.

Naturally Twitter Viral is a multi platform solution.

More details about Twitter Viral will be released on and if you want the very latest news and early adopter benefits, then you should join the list there too.

Twitter Viral – the ultimate viral extension for Twitter.

Launch/JV Parters:
I’m still offering 20% of the profits for a lunch expert to launch it. I simply don’t have the time as I have to focus on development.

Simply use the CONTACT form, top right menu, on this blog.

People who don’t get Twitter

I have a FREE course on maximising Twitter which goes in to this further, but there is too much band wagon hype kicking up, which the Twitter ecosphere needs to address right now. So here goes…

Read the rest of this entry »

Social marketing 1 Organic Search 0

The reach of Twitter

Probably No Surprises (PNS) here.

100% of my web traffic on the 15th to (the Twitter platform extension) came from Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter evolves

Twitter Evolves:

I am about to help Twitter to evolutionise to be THE place to be! Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Presence Action Plan

Amazingly I just did a podcast interview with Yohan Hamilton for David Ledoux of “Did You Smell That Inc.” fame. (If you haven’t heard of David Ledoux before, I hadn’t, he was responsible for $402 MILLION of turnover in one year, so he was probably too busy to wave his big IM stick at us. Yes that is million and 402 of them.)

In response to that, rather than leave people hanging with any further questions on how to implement their Twitter presence, I am offering a FREE Twitter Action Plan as a mini email course, via Aweber.

FREE Peter Buick’s Twitter Action Plan course outline:

  • * What is Twitter and what Twitter is not
  • * The real Twitter opportunities for local and Internet businesses
  • * Not blowing it! The 12 step blueprint to creating your Twitter presence
  • * The cardinal sins of Twitter newbies
  • * How to build a Twitter list
  • * Mystery chapter we can’t talk about
  • * How to customise and serve your Twitter followers better
  • * Power User commands for managing Twitter
  • * The essential Twitter utilities to use
  • * How to INTEGRATE Twitter in your social marketing mix
  • * How to monetise Twitter
  • * How to expand Twitter
  • * The lessons you can learn from Twitter that you should apply elsewhere
  • * The real secret of Twitter…

And next week I will be announcing my own Twitter tool.
The tool will let you follow people anonymously, research trends, discover opportunities, localise client lists and a lot more besides.

Twitter Dominator from BuickAI

As you can imagine this utility is going to give people the people who use it, a real edge, so I’m not sure yet how many we will release, or how we will qualify who is worthy of owning it.
People on the above Twitter Action Plan course list, will certainly be the first people to hear about how to get hold of a copy.

Sure there are a lot of separate Twitter tools that can do some pretty clever stuff. But this one is aimed at doing one thing and doing it phenomenally..