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Archive for the ‘Virgin Media’ Category

Virgin Air lies Fopah 4

Virgin Airlines and Price Fixing:

From this weekend, Virgin Airlines are being forced to run an advertising campaign  explaining how customers can claim compensation, after they were found guilty of Price Fixing with British Airways. Read the rest of this entry »

Virgin Media fopah 3

Virgin Mafia LogoPiracy on the Internet is a serious issue!

It is extremely wide spread and many people don’t even think it is wrong.

Most parents don’t know that their Read the rest of this entry »

Virgin Media fopah 2

Virgin Media fopah 2:

Virgin Mafia Logo

There’s a reason why people don’t like corporates and the is its partly because they become so monolithic, unresponsive, and often just plain “stupid”, that people start to AVOID their brand.

Historically Richard Branson has been the corporate sweetheart of the public, largely because of his apparent “human” nature of his “stunts” like ballooning. Not to mention the alien fiasco which caused major hold ups on motorways, when he pretended to be an alien space ship.

But Branson’s empire is far from immune to the DISEASE of corporate unresponsiveness. Read the rest of this entry »