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I am the ONLY 1 person to read this mesage, it is not published, and I really am not interested in your sh*t! Also the anti spam measures I’ve now had to waste my time doing, means you will be wasting your time too!

Do NOT waste your time, trying to spam me here.

This is a service for legitimate people who may need my help, not for your self promotion.

If you need to contact me, please use the following form.
Your message will come straight to me and is simply to avoid email spider spam.

HEY YOU – STOP right there!

Some people can still not read!

Do not send me unsolicited offers!
I will NOT EVER buy web services from any company who spams me here!


I make it a point to never deal with people who sned me unsolicated offers.

You are wasting your time.

I do NOT buy web services from smuck companies who fill in web forms.

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DO NOT SEND ME unsolicited offers as they will be instantly ignored.

I will “NEVER” ever buy form a company who uses this form to contact me.

Do you get it?

HEY are you brain dead or what?

If that was an offer, you just wasted your time!

seriously I will NEVER buy anything from my own contact form – come on!