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CCS of Frank Kern

The FREE CCS creator (sales page wizard with Frank Kern’s brain module) and a real-world business analysis of Frank Kern’s mass control for real businesses.

What could be better than a phone call with Frank Kern?

An even more in-depth explanation of what it meant, by someone from planet earth.

Make no mistake, the call with Eban Pagan did it’s job. It stirred even more interest and desire for Mass Control. And in true carrot and stick style, it even told you some stuff. But what was that stuff and what does it mean? That was the Mass Control taster sample. What can we do with it if you don’t buy the whole tin? So if you don’t manage to sign-up for Frank’s $2500 course, then you might what to pick up my Inside Frank Notes Expose for FREE. Sure it adds my take on what he said, but I’ve been in business for 29 years. And understanding business is mainly what I do. In any case it is FREE. It is more than you will probably get out of Frank until his next “fund raiser” so you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, or agree with my implementation advice, or think I am wrong, then sorry for wasting your time. But here’s an interesting thing! Frank said that 70% of the IM community failed. They could not make sufficient money. Why? Not why did he say it – LOL (obviously that was a scare/pain tactic to make you take his course, so you were not one of the 2 out of every 3 who try and fail) but why do so many people fail? What can you do to avoid failing? He never answered that. I try to… I think you will gain some insight in to that, from my analysis of Frank Kern and what it means in business terms. Just email or use the form below

Announcing the opt-in squeeze page maker:

Limited to only 100 units free!

Squeeze page conjures up the wrong mental image, doesn’t it! So does opt-in really.

Either way the problem is that you need to create a web page, a landing page, where your surfers and potential customers can tell you that they are interested in what you have to say.

So by providing their email, you can then offer them all the great value free stuff you want and keep them up to date with stuff that may interest them at any time too,

That’s more like a customer care service, but I don’t suppose Internet marketeers would consider a page called CCS “sexae…”

Any way, in a few days we will be releasing a squeeze page maker and version 1 will even be 100% free. To get it and news of the free updates just say you are interest using this form below.

NOW this is a classic case of where I should have used my own CCS maker 🙂 And shortly we will show the difference and the huge difference a professional squeeze page opt-in conversion rate is over a default Aweber script basic form

CCS will do both the required jobs of a landing page, explain and capture, and it will integrate seamlessly with Aweber, GetResponse or any of the other email autoresponder systems.

To see if you’re one of the first 100 to get it free, just fill in the form above!