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Website TERMS OF USE and Privacy

As a topical website, this website may present news, or offers or promotions, which are, to our best belief, valid at the time of publication.

NB. We can not accept responsibility for any external offers or content that are offered because they are out of our control and/or policing.

NB. We can not accept responsibility for any news or offers which have expired, or been withdrawn, or changed since publication, nor can we can, in practical terms, go back and edit every post we have made, to check for currency, because this is beyond our control, or policing, or capability.

The Internet presents publishers with new challenges as data retention and accessibility is in uncharted territories and we have no control over when a third party, or search, or indexing, or cataloging, service, may re-present our old news, as newly found by it. Hence in practice we can only speak in the current tense for our exact publication date.

Caveat Emptor:

So please check the publication date and remember that YOU are responsible for checking the currency of any offers suggested or reported.
(For instance a software version may have been released since we last reported. That newer news may even be on our own site in a later article. Where we report a persons or events age, that person or event has most likely got older since we last reported. If we report or imply that someone is alive, they may have since died since we said that. The converse IMHO is less likely, but again we make no specific statement to this either. For all we know, life regenerators may now exist. We are not qualified to comment.
Hopefully you can appreciate how ridiculous it is to have to make these disclaimers, but make them we need to.)

Content should only be considered as “current” within 24 hours of publication date and still subject to your personal verification.

Many offers MAY still remain in effect, all we are saying is we can not police, or update, content to reflect the current state of play.
In the same way last months printed newspaper advert for the price of beans, MAY not be in effect this week. We can not un-print, or continually update information. We are not a price comparison, or information latest thinking, up-to-the-minute service. Although the web may be a near real-time medium and capable of updating, we do not publish in that context. Once published it is for “historical” value only.

Privacy Policy:

We respect your privacy like our own. We will never rent, sell, or share your details.
Information is stored according to best practice security and to the standards, or beyond, of the (UK) DTI Data Protection Act.
Any data stored is solely for own INTERNAL marketing purposes and as such is exempt from further controls.
We DO use cookies, IP logging, browsing metrics, web logs, and log-in credentials, in order to present a better, more personalised service, and also for security to ban spammers, hacker and data thieves and for own internal marketing evaluation purposes (to see how relevant we are being to our audiences needs).
We will only share your data with government authorities, such as the police, on presentation of a legal court order, or where we need to pursue security hacks of our own services and for our members protection.
If you do not break the law, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are not sure if you are breaking the law or not, you probably shouldn’t be here any way.

We operate under the laws of the United Kingdom and all legal challenges must be presented in the UK and under UK law.

Earnings and claims disclaimers:
Where any earnings, results or other claims are implied, these are only for guidance and are not typical results. We have no idea of your personal situation, factors, skills or abilities. So no specific results or earnings are meant or implied.

Copyright and Trademarks:
All content on this website is (C) COPYRIGHT as per its individual publication date.
We respectfully acknowledge any Trademarks.
If a trademark or brand is included, it is for guidance purposes only, to supply information in context and to communicate common experiences as a foundation in an efficient way.
It is NOT an endorsement, recommendation, or testimonial by that party in any way.
It is NOT an official statement or information from that party at all.
In no way does any trademark or brand usage, signify any sort of endorsement or recommendation by that party, on us or what we do. Where such a recomendation, testimonial, or strategic partnership does exist and is meant and implied, it will be specifically stated next to that specific content.