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Market Samurai – Keyword Research Plus

Market Samurai.

It is still in beta, and it is still a memory hog, but it is the keyword package I use most, because it is so easy to use and over all, pretty quick.

It will give you nearly all the data you need in one place. Searches. Traffic, Commerciality and competition indicators. And that’s just on the Keyword Research tab.

Delve deeper and you have the domain tracker tab, to see the real lie of the land in a niche/industry.

It even has a product finder and a content assistant.

Soon they will release the Adsense spy module, and then it will be pretty complete.

Currently it is a one time payment, and it may go up or become subscription, so whilst it is a considerable investment, it is one that should pay off for you.

This is my affiliate link, so I may get a referral commission, but more importantly I’m only referring it because I think i twill help you. And I use it almost every week myself personally. And I really did buy it. I did not get a freebie.

You cna check out more about Market Samuari keyword research tool here and take advantage of the 7 day trial to make sure it works the way you like to.

In reality, it will NOT be the only keyword tool you buy. I own (and use) several for different tasks. But of them all, Samurai is the most complete of the bunch.

No keyword tool will earn you more money on its own, but it is a part of the process you should not try to bypass.