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the EU and Britain?

Whatever happens, VOTE TODAY ! Whichever way you roll, VOTE TODAY because it is looking like a CLOSE race.

Don’t let your own apathy or confusion, let the loonies win.

VOTE! for whatever you believe in…

golden-gate-bridge-1030999_640We’ve been lied to on both sides!
It’s ALL about “personal power”.
There is no clear cut, black and white option. Europe is far from perfect. The UK being alone is not perfect either.

The bureaucrats in Brussels have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
The UK government (all parties) have a personal agenda and are out of touch with their people.
It seems like an impossible NO WIN situation. And “I” think it is. But that’s even more why you should VOTE..

The facts are distorted. I’m not sure who to believe.
But the Liverpool PHD Professor who’s “JOB” for the last 4 years has been EU Law, “may” be telling the truth.

My takeaway of his talk; Read the rest of this entry »

AppSumo Gate – Michael J Fox slammed for disability

AppSumo Gate;:


Michael J Fox is on a mission to eradicate Parkinson’s

In what I’m labeling as AppSumo Gate, etailer Appsumo upset quite a lot of people when their latest offered slammed Michael J Fox for his disease, Parkinsons.

In an attempt at “humour” to sell a wallet sized phone tripod, AppSumo claimed that a tripod would avoid the sort of camera shake has Michael J Fox been behind the lens.

The copy was fairly quickly edited with the “joke” removed after the product manufacturer realised what had been said.

But such is the beast of social media, that the legend of AppSumo Gate, lives on in over 109 comments, and of course this blog post…

Read the rest of this entry »

Windows 10 – FAIL! (again)

Let’s face it, Microsoft should pack up and go home and stop trying to make operating systems!

And while they’re at it, APPLE should step up to their game and open up the Apple OS to all (modern) PC hardware.

Microsoft have continued to lose the plot, ever since Windows XP. It’s been downhill with bloatware, FUTware and Mess-Up-User ware ever since.

Even then, DOS was the best (as in efficient and user simple) operating system, Microsoft ever did.

Why Windows 10 Sucks:

This could become a very long article. For now, I’ll just stick with my Windows 10 survival guide. AKA “How Windows 7 Luddites can keep working under Windows 10.”

DANGER WILL ROBINSON – Windows 10 Shit Storm Approaching!

So the big MS is Satin clue appeared with this seemingly simple ENFORCED SETUP. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve written a new article here on a REAL tool for managing self esteem.

You can read it here;

[ A real life tool ]

and we’re back

SO I made a huge mistake – more of that in a moment !

Staying on the Internet thingy…

regiter_office_640Sometimes maintaining a web presence, isn’t so easy, but I’m sure you know that !

You see not all Internet Registrars are built the same. There’s propagation time and then there’s just incompetence.

I’m not sure what or when it went wrong, but when I started on the web, was my go to registrar for my domain names. I must have registered over 500 with them over the years. But today I have 3 – NOPE make that 2 – HOORAY !

I often have to change hosting, for one reason or another. Usually because all of a sudden a service goes unreliable and then the support fails to kick in. It didn’t matter when you didn’t need it, but now it’s all gone wrong, you need someone to step up and say “hey yeah, we’re the hosting company, let’s do the hosting bit for ya”.

Naturally it’s best to have backups and sort it out yourself. VPS over shared has solved nearly all of my problems in this area, but occasionally the “tin” just seems to have gone mental (more likely the virtualisation shell with a VPS) and even a previously healthy image restore doesn’t resolve it either.

But that’s not my point for today… Read the rest of this entry »

who do YOU trust in the information space?

We have choices! What are you doing with yours?

the_google_gorillaWhen I built my new PC recently, I’ve found myself not even bothering to install Microsoft office again (so far).

But this morning I found myself reaching for Google docs. BAD IDEA! Google is not your friend! They are an ad machine!

So I’m ultra pleased I remembered who have FREE & paid plans.

In 40 seconds I had created a spreadsheet and added a CHART, plus there’s a lot more (obvious) advanced features than in gdocs like pivots etc..

ZOHO is not the only choice by far, the main point is NEITHER IS GOOGLE!


We allow ourselves to be dominated, but WE HAVE CONTROL!
You can vote with your hearts and wallets!

ONE morning you may wake up and find your gmail closed, for 101 reasons (including Read the rest of this entry »


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